diy brush stroke lamp

DIY Brushstroke Lamp

I admit, I can be a bit crazy at times. You see, I have a serial re-decorating condition where I am constantly changing the decor in my home. My  condition has left me with plenty of left-over decor including lamps, vases and plenty of pillows (just ask my husband). Recently inspired by a Bunny Williams lamp, I decided to make use of a neglected one- just rotting away in my garage. Today I am sharing a tutorial for this DIY…

foyer gallery wall

Beginner’s Guide: Gallery Wall on a Budget

For the longest time, I have wanted to display a gallery wall in the hallway of my home. I love the idea of displaying a little piece of my family's story for all of our guests to see. Unfortunately, I knew the cost of frames and prints would add up quickly,  considering a single frame can cost up to $50. Not to mention, the thought of a project requiring so many measurements and precision overwhelmed me. Well folks, I finally…

what no one tells you about starting a blog

What No One Tells You About Starting a Blog

I cannot believe  I am approaching the one year anniversary of my blog. It is crazy to think that within 12 months, I started a blog, a business and gave birth to my second child. And since then, I have learned a lot. Today, I want to share with you some juicy secrets...what no one will tell you about starting a blog. Not Many People Will Be Supportive Over the 12 months I have been blogging, I have developed thick skin(…

diy shibori wall art
go haus go halloween tour
easy indigo art diy

Indigo Abstract Art DIY

So I know it's October and I should be gracing you with fall inspiration posts and Halloween crafts, but I have to keep it real.... Ya'll know I am not much of a "crafter". It is still hot as Hades here in the dirty south, and  I am just not feeling the fall spirit. Not to be completely useless though, I do have an easy little DIY for you today. It seems anytime I go shopping for a specific item of…

how to paint grout

How to Paint Over Dingy Grout – DIY Gray Grout

If I ever took the time to devise an inventory of worst home decor ideas ever, I think white floor grout would be close to the top of that list (along with wallpaper and popcorn ceilings). While I love the look of dark gray tiles with contrasting white grout, I know it is a mistake waiting to happen between my dogs, kids and loathing of mops. When I completed the initial walk- through of my fixer upper before purchasing it,…

modern rattan chairs in dining room coastal

Creating a Kid- Friendly Dining room

Hello friends! After a self-imposed maternity leave, it feels so good to be back. While I have been busy balancing life with a two year old plus a two month old, working out in the gym like a mad-women  and  getting back to my "day job" of digital marketing, I have been inspired to design again. You see, I have been on a recent mission to make my home more kid-friendly. As far as my dining room is concerned,  that…

modern spring decor

A Cheap Way to Personalize Your Home Decor

I full-heartedly believe home should be a reflection of its inhabitants. A well- curated home takes time to can't just make a trip  to your local Homegoods or Pier 1 and acquire all of your home decor within one visit. The house would look "soul-less". I believe certain types of aesthetics lend themselves to display more personal character (think eclectic, global,  traditional and farmhouse), while other aesthetics (minimal modern, neutral  contemporary) present more of a challenge. The more I…

diy indigo easter eggs

DIY Marbleized Indigo Eggs – Lessons Learned

I am still hanging in there , friends. Although it feels like the baby could pop out at any minute, given the pressure I feel on my bladder, nothing has happened yet and I actually had the chance to do a fun little DIY easter egg tutorial. And no....I cannot claim to be the originator of this awesome idea as I actually found this DIY Marbelized Indigo Easter Egg tutorial from Alice and Lois. You can check out their tutorial…