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The Easiest Way to Paint a Mirror Frame

The Easiest Way to Paint a Mirror Frame

Do you have an over-sized mirror you would like to paint, but are physically unable to relocate it outside for spray paint application? Well..I have the perfect hack for you today.

In this post ,I am going to show you how I painted my heavy, floor-length mirror exactly in it’s place- without ever moving it. Even better, I was able to get an even, durable finish without ever having to use messy spray paint. 

how to paint a heavy mirror frame

Leave it to me to find unique methods for cutting corners.

And no… I am not tooting my own horn.

This skill of “corner cutting” hasn’t been fostered through virtue or  ingenuity, but instead- by means of sheer impulsivity and laziness. 

You see…

I’ve had this heavy, boutique style mirror for years that I was wanting to re-purpose…

how to paint a mirror without moving it

The bluish-hue of the frame worked fine when I was going for more of a coastal, transitional vibe. But once I went all Modern Farmhouse – incorporating more of a black, white and beige scheme, the mirror color just felt off.  Large mirrors can be quite pricey, so I was pretty committed to up-cycling it. 

I knew I wanted to paint it, but I didn’t know if I wanted to paint it gold or black. The way I contemplated this mirror makeover, you would have thought it a life or death decision. 

I kid you not…for months, I agonized over what color to paint the damn thing (like…complete design paralysis). 

And then one day, I woke up and decided I had to paint it black…like in that split second…it had to be done. 

how to paint an oversized mirror

I knew if I didn’t paint it in that split-second, I risked a design paralysis remission that could last for another twelve months. 

The only problem? My muscle-man hunk of a husband was not there to help me move this baby outside so that I could spray paint it, and I didn’t feel comfortable relocating the mirror by myself. 

So I decided to take a risk and use a special product which  I had actually just applied on my bathtub faucet (which you can read about that DIY makeover here).  Lucky for me, I still had plenty of it leftover.

Here is what I did…

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How to Paint a Heavy Mirror Frame without Moving it:


how to paint a mirror without spray paint

The beauty of traditional spray paint is the fact that it is oil-based and can be applied over so many different types of surfaces (plastic, metal, wood, concrete etc). 

Because this mirror already had a shiny, top-coat of poly applied to it, I knew that a run of the mill latex paint would not do (and I wan’t even about to attempt to sand that shiznit off).

I needed something that would stick well to a fussy surface. Not wanting to deal with the fumes of spray paint, however, I found the perfect compromise with this oil-based paint made by Rust-Oleum.  (If you are wanting a metallic finish for your mirror frame, click here to browse those options).

how to paint a mirror with brush

Before you start, be sure to slide some craft paper underneath your mirror to protect your floors and walls. You may also want to lightly clean your frame with a damp rag.

Now you can begin to apply your paint with a foam brush. While you can certainly use painter’s tape to protect your glass, I like to live life on the wild side. If you do happen to make any mistakes, have a rag with warm water nearby. 

Surprisingly enough, it only took me one coat (with a touch-up here and there) to completely transform this outdated mirror frame. Not too shabby for $20!

how to paint a mirror


For any of you independent ladies out there needing to get some re-purposing done without the heavy lifting, I hope this gave you some inspiration. 

I am super happy with how this impulsive short-cut turned out for me, and I hope it works well for you too. I think this method could also be useful for transforming picture frames. 

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life. 

PS. If you found this post helpful, it would mean the world to this small business if you could share it. Thank you! xoxo

easiest way to paint a heavy mirror



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Tonya Waller

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

It looks even better in person!!!


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Great job, and thank you for introducing us to a new product!

Designing Vibes

Thursday 17th of September 2020

Thank you so much! I am so glad you found the post helpful. Hope you have a great rest of your week.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

I love you!! your no-nonsense approach to life and stuff is so refreshing! I wait for your posts, because your honesty is what we all need right not. Life is tough, and nothing is perfect, I love how you roll ;)

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Thank you so very much, Mary! You don't even know how you have brightened my day. At least somebody gets me. haha! Hope you are having a great week. :)


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

I love the black!!!! It goes so well with your other black accents and looks like it is meant to be. Your impulse decision paid off:) Take care

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Thank you so much, my fabulous friend. I am glad to know that at least one of my impulse decisions paid off. I hope you have a great rest of your week.