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My Review of Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

My Review of Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

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Whether it’s farmhouse, boho or a modern organic aesthetic that tickles your fancy,  all of these design trends are currently sporting a common denominator- white walls.  Today, I am reviewing a particular shade of white paint- Swiss Coffee OC-45 by Benjamin Moore.

Chances are… if you have been researching white paints recently, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed in a rabbit hole of swatches. Who knew there could be so many damn shades of white? Seriously though.

To narrow down all of the paint swatch madness, I recommend starting with one simple question…

Are you looking for a white with warm undertones, a white with cool, crisp undertones or a white with no undertones at all (a white-white with no tint whatsoever)?

If you are looking for a creamy, warmer white, you will probably want to go out and buy a sample of  Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45 (and read the rest of this post). If you are looking for a brighter,  crisper white, you should check out this paint review I did a few months back.

My personal experience with Swiss Coffee involved a boho chic, spa treatment room I designed for a client about a year ago…

benjamin moore swiss coffee oc-45

The goal of the space was to achieve a balance of earthy-zen like vibes while maintaining a certain degree of glam and elegance.

Swiss Coffee rocked this balance quite beautifully.  The off-white,  creamy nature of this particular tint lends a welcoming softness and elegance to the space. And while this particular hue does not reflect natural light as loudly as a true, crisp white would, I think that trait is, in part at least, what keeps the space from feeling too clinical (and more spa).

It is important to note however, that the undertones which lend it’s softness and warmth can read yellow/gold in certain lighting (as shown in the picture below)…

swiss coffee by benjamin moore

Contrasting against the white-white of the baseboards and Crown Molding, you can see where Swiss Coffee’s golden undertones can become more pronounced at certain times of the day.

To see this hue in a residential setting, I have included one of my favorite designer’s, Studio McGee, recent projects…

In contrast to a bright, crisp white, this off-white paint color exudes more of a softness and coziness..all while still establishing a fresh and classy aesthetic.

As I mentioned, this hue does not reflect the sunlight as much as a true white would, but what it lacks for in brightness, it makes up for in warmth.

In case any of you are considering a warm white for your kitchen cabinets, Studio McGee painted the cabinetry pictured below in Swiss Coffee …

As you can see, the creamy nature of Swiss Coffee becomes more apparent paired with the cooler tones of the marble backsplash and the cool grey of the stove. In my opinion, Swiss Coffee on cabinetry is best suited for a more traditional aesthetic.

If you are looking for a white paint that blends airiness with warmth, Swiss Coffee may be exactly what you have been searching for.

For unedited video footage (taken with my phone) of this paint color, be sure to check out the video I have embedded in this post. It will help you get a better sense of the undertones.

Now get out there and design some good vibes, and please be sure to share on social media or with a friend if you found this helpful (it truly means the world..thank you!)

Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore review

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