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Where to Buy Modern Farmhouse Pillows on the Cheap

Where to Buy Modern Farmhouse Pillows on the Cheap

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We all have our vices. For some it’s food, others it’s booze and for the real freaks out there, well, it’s pillows. Yes, pillows!

In fact, I reluctantly admit that I am tempted by all of the above,  but in this post I am solely focusing on my pillow obsession. More specifically…how I have managed to somewhat indulge my pillow addiction without going into serious debt (or becoming a subject on Hoarders).

Today I am sharing some of the best places to buy Modern Farmhouse and boho pillows on the cheap along with a pillow/pillow cover roundup and some practical tips I have acquired through my years of pillow fixation.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the pillow round-up!!!

Affordable Pillows for Testing Trends

For those of you who don’t share my love for pillows, let me explain just why I think they are so freakin’ great.

Simply put, textiles are one of the most cost-effective, non-committal means of testing out a certain aesthetic in your own home. If you have followed me for quite some time, then you will know my own interior design style has changed pretty dramatically over the years.  You see..

Many times we see an image on Pinterest or in a magazine, and become enamored with that space. Yet once we translate the look into our own home and actually live with it, it just doesnt feel right. It doesnt evoke the feeling we crave from our unique habitat.

If you are considering a new look in your home, I suggest starting with pillows, a rug or even drapes. Using budget-friendly textiles, test out the new aesthetic for a bit before investing in more costly projects and pieces.

After almost six years of experimentation, I am relieved to say that I have finally found my desired aesthetic in Modern Farmhouse accents blended with the “cool-kid” nature of boho and global inspired patterns.

Below are my favorite shops for acquiring modern farmhouse and boho pillows on a budget. For your shopping convenience, affiliate links are provided…

affordable farmhouse throw pillows

  1. Hobby Lobby- While I admit that I used to be more of a Homegoods type of girl in my “coastal glam” days, I have recently changed my tune (as it relates to pillows at least).  While I was browsing the pillow cover section in Hobby Lobby one day (near the fabric and drapes), I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted Shibori and Mudcloth pillow covers (pictured directly above) for only $10 a cover. Compared to the price tag of most designer pillows (which can be upwards of $100 per pillow cover), that is a steal! My tip is to read their weekly ad to make sure the pillow covers are half-off when you go. When shopping at Hobby Lobby, I refuse to purchase an item if it’s not on sale because all items will eventually be marked off by 50 percent.

*Bonus Tip* In a space-saving effort, I prefer to only purchase pillow covers. Over my years of experimentation, I managed to acquire quality pillow inserts (down-filled pillows that simply didn’t reflect my style anymore). I kept the old pillows and covered them with pillow covers which matched my new taste. Not only is this a great way to manage pillow clutter, it cuts the cost of my pillow addiction.


neutral modern pillow covers

2. Amazon-  See that black mudcloth lumbar pillow pictured above? That is a $14 pillow cover which I purchased on Amazon (you can click here to buy). While these pillow covers are not likely to be authentic mudcloth out of Africa (which cost upwards of $80 per cover), they definitely get the job done and have allowed me to test out a specific trend.

*Insert Hack* While I did have plenty of square pillow inserts, I did not own a lumbar shaped insert so I simply stuffed the pillow cover with plastic grocery bags (very similar to what I did with my Moroccan poufs).

modern farmhouse throw pillows and pillow covers on the cheap

3. Etsy-  When urgency or compulsion isn’t a  concern, my favorite place to buy unique pillow covers is Etsy. Depending on the vendor, the prices can vary dramatically. However, I recently found a few shops which offered handcrafted pillows priced very reasonably. One of my favorite Etsy shops is Stitched By Grace (that’s where I purchase all of my leather pillows). Her shop carries a great selection of boho and farmhouse inspired textiles. Just keep in mind that each piece is handmade to order. As a result, it took me about 2 to 3 weeks to receive my pillow covers, but the wait was totally worth it.

mpdern farmhouse and boho pillow covers
Splurging- While I am all about ballin’ on a budget, it is fun to be naughty every now and then. After living with my new aesthetic for a few months- deciding to fully commit to the Modern Farmhouse look- I decided to invest in my first designer pillow. While there are many great dupes out there, I can honestly say that there is really nothing like a genuine, hand-sewn Batik pillow (pictured above). If you have fully committed to the boho or farmhouse movement, you may be ready for some investment pieces…truly unique showstoppers.   My two favorite designer pillow shops are  Danielle Oakey  and McGee and Co. Keep in mind, however, that they will cost you a pretty penny.

To save you fabulous babes some time, I have rounded up some of my favorite farmhouse throw pillows below. Please keep in mind that many of these are pillow covers only…..

Modern Farmhouse Pillows/Pillow Covers under $50 Roundup

*Click on the item photo to be directed to the retailer page. *

For those of you looking for truly unique and quality pieces, I have also rounded up my picks for investment pillows.

Modern Farmhouse Pillow Covers under $100 Roundup

So there you have it…my favorite places to buy stylish pillows on the cheap. If you need a little a little help with your pillow styling game, I suggest you read this helpful article from Studio Mcgee on how to combine and select throw pillows. They have absolutely perfected the Modern Farmhouse vibe.

Now get out there and design some good vibes.

Please also be sure to support the growth of this blog by sharing and pinning(it makes all the difference)….

where to get farmhouse pillows on the cheap



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