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How To Achieve the “Neutral Minimalist” Holiday Vibe

How To Achieve the “Neutral Minimalist” Holiday Vibe

With Halloween now but only a memory, it’s time to start contemplating this year’s holiday decor. In today’s post, I am sharing some simple tips for achieving the “neutral, minimalist” Christmas vibe along with a round-up of  budget-friendly, neutral holiday accents.  

While I am most definitely a traditionalist on the polarizing question of whether to decorate for Christmas after Halloween or after Thanksgiving (decorating on black Friday is my preference), it never hurts to get a head start on the whole process.

Although I have no intentions of “decking the halls” anytime soon, I have been in search of inspiration so that when it comes time to execute my ideas, I have an established frame of reference to go by.

With life growing only more and more chaotic lately, I find myself craving a greater degree of simplicity and order in my home. Over the past year or so, I have fallen in love with the trending minimalist approach to holiday decorating.

And while one might assume there isn’t much to achieving this look, it’s a little trickier than you might think (especially for someone who is used to going balls to the wall on Christmas trinkets).  Below are a few tips I have gathered throughout my experience.

modern farmhouse holiday decor

  1. Take Inventory of Your Existing Holiday Decor- Before you go unnecessarily blowing through money on new Christmas pieces, get out your dusty storage containers and see what you can use this year, while also considering what could be donated. The beauty of minimalist decorating is that you don’t need much to make a statement (which equates to more money in your pocket and less clutter in your closet).
  2.  Think of your decorating scheme in layers. – I prefer to start with all of my greenery first- Christmas trees, wreaths and garland is what I consider as layer one. Then I like to evaluate where I need to add a pop of warmth, bling or texture. Ribbon, decorative beads, bells or twinkling white lights are a great opportunity to add more dimension and interest into your scheme.

neutral modern farmhouse christmas decorating

3. Find ways to add warmth. – When working with lots of whites and neutrals, a room can go sterile pretty fast. To balance this, you must find opportunities to incorporate warmth where you can. My favorite ways of adding warmth are through fabrics. Whether it be sheepskin, cowhides, velvets, or chunky knits, textiles can keep a room from falling flat. Looking for an added level of holiday glow? Don’t forget the Christmas lights and candles.

4. Fresh Greenery is a must. – Not only does fresh greenery make a space feel alive and earthy , it’s one of the most surefire ways to add  pops of holiday color into the most neutral of spaces. While you wouldn’t think of white and black to be an adequate Christmas color palette,  the green hues in magnolia, eucalyptus or fir stems instantly add the festive feels.

neutral modern christmas decor ideas

5. Fight the urge to over-decorate!- If this is your first time going minimal, you will find yourself wanting to add frivolous items into your space.  In fact, I remember when I decorated my bedroom last year (pictured above) with only a simple fir twig and black ribbon. At the time,  I was so underwhelmed with the holiday touches, I almost didn’t even photograph the room. Luckily, I fought the urge to add “more” and captured the space in all it’s simplicity.  Now,  looking back at this space with a more detached eye, it is actually one of my favorite shots from last year’s  holiday tour.

Ultimately what I have learned with minimalism is that less is often more impactful. Choose your festive moments wisely and sparingly.

For added inspiration, I have rounded up some of my favorite neutral holiday decor for this year. For your shopping convenience, ** I have included affiliate links to the products below**…

Neutral Holiday Decor Inspiration:

My Minimalist Holiday Master Bedroom Decor:

I hope this post gave you some distraction and reprieve from all of the madness. Sending you all virtual hugs.

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life.

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Mary formerly of the boondocks

Wednesday 4th of November 2020

Erica I have started decorating for Christmas and have taken out only half of my usual things. The other third that is out, I am thinking of removing. I guess it is that kind of year where we want to be in the spirit but we also want our spaces to breathe. Funny but I am using red for the first time in ages. But only is small doses, I promise. I love all of the black accents.

Designing Vibes

Thursday 5th of November 2020

haha! Nothing wrong with red. I agree with you friend...i think we all need "space to breath". :)