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16 Most Stylish Minimal Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

16 Most Stylish Minimal Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is time to think about Christmas decor! Today, I have rounded up 16 of the best minimal Christmas tree ideas...

With Halloween in the rear view mirror, I am now starting to ruminate on how I would like to approach my holiday decorating scheme this year.

Becoming much more aware of the fact that clutter stresses me the f*ck out, my soul is leaning more towards the simplicity and cost-effective attributes of minimalist design.

minimal christmas tree decor ideas

In fact, when I scroll thru Pinterest for inspiration, I am particularly drawn to the spaces that seem effortlessly styled while also thoughtfully edited.

Although the minimalist aesthetic can deceptively seem like a piece of cake to replicate, there is actually an art to acing this look.

simple christmas tree ideas

So today, I thought we could start easing into this festive season by swooning over some inspirational photos of minimalist Christmas decorations and studying what aesthetically works about each type of Christmas tree included…

1. Scandinavian Inspired Tree-

the best minimal christmas tree decorating ideas

Reflecting back on all of the Christmas trees I have decorated in the past, one of my very favorite looks was this simple, Scandi-inspired tree I decorated back in the living room of my 1980’s fixer upper a few years ago.

Using a very light touch on the ornaments, I stuck to some Scandinavian Christmas decor staples like pine cones, copper balls, golden snowflakes and white pom-pom garlands. To ensure this minimal tree exuded a modern aesthetic (versus a more traditional or farmhouse vibe), I invested in a fabulous black woven tree collar which totally elevates the look of this tree.

2. Simple Ornaments on a Flocked Minimalist Tree-

minimal flocked christmas tree ideas

Instead of layering on a multitude of various shaped ornaments, garland and ribbon -like I typically would with more of a traditional Christmas tree- last year, I went the minimalist route on my flocked tree- sticking to very simple ornaments.

Incorporating champagne, black, plum and gold ornaments gives this white Christmas tree (which could easily read cold) more of a warm look. Tip: When using so much wintery white in a room, it is very important to offset the cooler color with warmer accents so that the space doesn’t feel too sterile or jolting.

3. Christmas Tree with Only Lights-

minimal christmas tree decorating ideas

You would think a tree with no Christmas ornaments would come off as looking a bit too minimalist, but Jaci Hodge’s chic minimal tree proves otherwise. Adorned in only a tree skirt and glowing Christmas lights, this gorgeous holiday living room looks not only inviting, but magical.

4. Slim Faux Tree with All White Ornaments-

simple and minimal christmas tree ideas
Kelsey Kooima

Although full, real trees pull off the minimalist approach with the most grace and ease, unfortunately they are not always feasible for a small space.

And while slim, artificial trees aren’t as effortlessly beautiful (it can be tempting to want to decorate them out the freakin’ wazoo), Kelsey Kooima nails the minimalist look by sticking to a neutral color palette- using just one ornament collection in one color.

5. The Charm of a Real Christmas Tree-

minimal christmas tree decorating inspiration
Light and Dwell

I love how the shape and fullness (not to mention scent) of a real Christmas tree instantly warms a space. Here in the living room of one of my favorite designers is a minimal tree packing major charm. Forgoing the ribbons, tinsel and decorative stems, Light and Dwell uses restraint with just a few simple ornaments and orange slices.

Of course, the gold star tree topper and woven basket collar masterfully complete this classic look.

6. Modern Holiday Minimalism –

modern minimal christmas tree
Me and Mr.Jones

Wanting to inject the magic of the holidays without all the damn clutter? Take note of this fabulous, modern minimal tree designed by Me and Mr. Jones. All you need to replicate this minimalist Christmas tree look is a pre-lit tree and a sphere-shaped planter. How freakin’ simple is that?!

7. Minimal Christmas Tree with Rustic Flair-

rustic and modern minimal christmas tree decorating
For the Home

I suppose a real tree is rustic in and of itself, but I just love how For the Home takes it up one notch with a few earth-toned ornaments and an industrial tree collar. The simple brown baubles play off of the brown leather sofa so effortlessly.

8. A Small Tree with Nordic Holiday Decorations-

simple chrristmas tree decorating
Lemon Thistle

While you might only think of playful, bright colors when decorating a children’s tree, you can keep it neutral and youthful by adorning the tree with whimsical accents commonly found in Nordic design. Think white, homemade snowflakes, natural elements and simple wood beads like Lemon Thistle did here on this precious Christmas tree.

9. Sparse But Stunning –

modern minimalist christmas tree
For the Home

When you envision a sparse tree in your mind, I would almost bet that your imagination doesn’t instantly conjure up such beautiful imagery as this Christmas tree by For the Home. But between the impeccable interior design, the glowing lights, textural tree collar and captivating shape of the tree itself, pure, holiday magic is achieved- no ornaments or superfluous bullsh*t necessary.

10. Small Live Christmas Tree in a Basket-

scandi minimal christmas tree ideas
The Merrythought

Whether you want to bring holiday cheer to a small foyer, dining room or bedroom, you can’t beat the simplicity of this minimal Christmas tree in a basket by The Merrythought.

11. Natural Materials for a Warm Feel-

organic minimal christmas tree decor ideas
Sweet Valley Acres

If you love to layer on the ornaments but still want a neutral, earthy vibe this Christmas, follow the lead of Sweet Valley Acres and use natural materials on your tree (think pinecones, orange slices, apples and acorns) en lieu of holiday-specific decor.

I love how the texture and color palette of these organic elements give this flocked white tree a cozy, warm feel.

12. Minimalist Tree in a Traditional Home-

minimal christmas tree decor
The Heathered Nest

Up to this far in the roundup, I have only shown you examples of minimal Christmas trees displayed in sleek and modern homes. However, The Heathered Nest proves that a minimalist tree can work beautifully in even more traditional and feminine spaces.

13. Minimalism for the Coastal Home with a Driftwood Tree-

simple minimal christmas tree ideas
Sustain My Craft Habit

If you want to keep it minimal and coastal, Sustain My Craft Habit shows you how to build your own DIY driftwood Christmas tree in her step-by-step tutorial.

14. Decorating a Skinny Flocked Tree with Only Ribbon-

minimal flocked christmas tree inspiration
Lemon Thistle

If clutter-free holiday decor is your jam, you are going to have to practice some restraint like Lemon Thistle did here in her bedroom. Utilizing the limited space she had, the only true Christmas decor in this room is a skinny Christmas tree- trimmed with only ribbons.

15. Simple Mini Christmas Tree for the Kitchen-

small minimal christmas tree decor
Inspiration for Moms

Cozy up your kitchen for the holidays like Inspiration for Moms did with a mini tree decorated minimally- using only warm, glowing lights. Tip: Keep your countertops looking tidy by corralling the tree on a decorative tray grouped with other more functional items.

16. Blinged-Out Minimalism –

modern minimal christmas tree decor
House of Valentina

If you are a sucker for shiny bling and simplicity alike, use a cohesive blend of metallic baubles on your Christmas tree. Just be sure not to go overboard with your ornament variety by pairing down to only 2-3 colors like House of Valentina did here on her fabulous AF tree.

Well I hope all of today’s inspiration eased you into holiday season while also giving you permission to keep things simple, affordable and approachable .

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me!

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modern minimalist christmas tree decor ideas

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

modern minimalist christmas tree decorating ideas


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