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My Reflections on Blogging After 5 Years

My Reflections on Blogging After 5 Years

Five years ago today , feeling lost, powerless and depressed,  I did something entirely impulsive. 

Seeking a distraction from the helplessness I felt (the helplessness of a work-from-home mother barely making ends meet, who felt like not only a failure as a mother, but a burden on her husband) I started this blog. 

Reflecting back on that day, half a decade ago, I never would have guessed this blogging gig would have developed into a full-time source of income and filled the void of “purpose” which I had never found from any other professional endeavor. 

erica van slyke owner of designing vibes

In fact, I had actually made peace with the fact that I would never be the type to find success in a career…that I would never be “good at making money”. 

But perhaps approaching this creative outlet with almost zero expectation was half of the magic.

You see…I didn’t start Designing Vibes to make a fortune. I started Designing Vibes as an act of obedience- following the nudges I had felt from my higher-self .. from God. 

While it didn’t entirely make much sense to start a blog at the time(none of those around me even knew what a blogger was), I am so glad that I followed my inner guidance.

I am so happy I didn’t wait for others’ permission or until I felt my work was good enough to share publicly. Ready or not, I simply followed my heart and took the first step. 

erica van slyke designing vibes

Do those first blog posts make me want to cringe with embarrassment when I look back on them now? Certainly. But as a reminder of just how far I have come,  I refuse to take them down. 

My advice to anyone feeling a nudge to step out and do something scary? Just take the first f*king step. 

If I have learned anything over these past five years, done is better than perfect.

If I had complicated my mission by inundating myself with the “how to’s”,   “suppossed to’s”  and “shoulds”  of running an online business, I would have given up a long time ago. 

“Ego is your biggest barrier to entry”, I once heard a wise person say , and at the root of most of my blocks, this is typically always the case.    

Don’t let ego keep you from attaining the life of your dreams- stifling you with fear, perfectionism and approval-seeking.

Remember that the primal ego’s main function is to keep you safe- not happy, fulfilled or inspired.  

erica van slyke of designing vibes

One sloppy baby step after another, with determination, faith and consistency, I transformed a creative hobby of mine into a profitable business (and I am not even business-savvy!).

But how would I ever have gotten to see what I was capable of if I had been worried about failure, embarrassment or what others were going to think of me?

When you feel lost or confused, anchor yourself back to that still, small voice within. You see…this is your navigation. The rest is just noise. 

Decide that following your heart and your passion will eventually lead you to happiness and ultimately success. Give yourself no other option… no plan b!

When you feel yourself growing weary or uninspired, rest…you aren’t a damn robot. Just don’t give up!

You don’t have to be “the best”,  you don’t have to be the hardest hustler and you don’t have to have it all figured out. 

You just have to keep going- one messy baby step at a time. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you soooo very much for continuing to stop by and read my blog each week. Your comments, shares and follows mean the world. Thank you!

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life.  In the words of the Grateful Dead, “we will get by!”



My journey in interior design and home improvement began with transforming my first fixer-upper home, all while managing a budget and raising two young boys. My work, a reflection of my passion for creating beautiful, uplifting spaces, has been recognized by top publications like Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, HGTV, and more. I invite you to explore my site and witness the transformation of my home and the vibes we've designed.Read more...


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Congratulations Erica! I am always excited to see your blog posts in my mail because I know inspiration is coming my way. Kudos for making wonderful tea...meaning that tea bags have to be placed in very hot water to produce what they are meant for. You took the plunge girl and it paid off in every way!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Thank you so very much, Suzi! I absolutely love that analogy. You just put a big smile on my face. :)

Julie S

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

"One sloppy baby step after another" --yes this!! doing it "right" gets in my way of starting at all, too. Learning that progress is indeed better than perfection.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

I'm so happy that resonates with you, Julie. I have learned the hard way that if I over-complicate something with my "type-a" tendencies, I will never even start.

Mary formerly of the boondocks

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Erica congrats on your five year blogoversary! You are so right about just following your gut and going for it. I did the same thing and had no idea what I was doing. But I learned tons and made lots of like minded friends along the way. That combined with all the cool projects has been so worth it. Looking forward to another five years from you.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Thank you so much, Mary. It has been such a treat crossing paths with you. You have always been such a source of encouragement.


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

I love to read your blog and you have inspired me!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Thank you so much for the kind words, John.


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Oh Erica!!!!! I am so glad to read this. As a new blogger you are one of my go to's for inspiration and aspiration. I find your blog to be so down to earth and relatable. I enjoy your honesty and your personality with every post. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

That means so much to me, Maria. Thank you! Your sweet comments always bring a smile to my face. Interacting with awesome people like bring so much joy to blogging.