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23 Easiest DIY Budget Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Try

23 Easiest DIY Budget Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Try

If you are remodeling your bathroom on a tight budget, cutting (or at least reducing) labor costs is one of the biggest ways you can save money. In today’s post, I am sharing some of the most beginner-friendly DIY project ideas to try for your next bathroom makeover

Just because you may not have the financial means to adorn your bathroom walls in Italian marble, doesn’t mean you should give up on your raggedy a$$ space altogether.

Believe it or not, simple upgrades like cabinet hardware, paint, hand towels and light fixtures can make a huge difference in how you feel about your small space.

easy diy projects to remodel a bathroom

Never having the luxury of a complete bathroom reconfiguration or overhaul myself, I have had to think outside of the box and utilize DIY-friendly products and hacks to achieve my desired look for less. Think progress- not perfection!

So that you too can feel hopeful about your current design situation, today I want to share with you some of the most effective and easy bathroom updates you can put to use yourself in your next remodel…

1. DIY Jacuzzi Tub Makeover-

diy easy bath tub makeover

Here in the master bathroom of my previous home, not having the budget for new plumbing, I had to contend with an unsightly jacuzzi tub that screamed 1986. Complete with a dingy almond hue and a bulky step protruding from the side, I was determined to bring the eyesore into the 2020’s without investing a sh*t ton of money.

With the help of some white epoxy paint and a DIY tub skirt panel, my dated jacuzzi tub was completely transformed- no messy demo needed!

2. Peel and Stick Wallpaper-

Wanting to create a stylish focal point in my lackluster powder room but not feeling confident enough in my DIY skills to install a real tile backsplash, I tried my hand at peel-and-stick wallpaper. Designed to mimic the look of Moroccan tiles, from a distance, you would swear it is the real thing.

3. DIY Install of Luxury Vinyl Tile Over Existing Tile-

easy diy bathroom floor makeover

Aside from new paint, I would have to say that installing this beautiful luxury vinyl tile directly the old ceramic tiles that were already there made one of the biggest impacts in this budget bathroom makeover of mine.

Not only is LVT impervious to any potential water damage, if the product is thick enough, it can be applied over an existing tile floor. Not only does this save you the fuss of demo, you won’t even have to bother with a tile cutter or thin set- making this a relatively easy DIY project.

4. Update the Existing Vanity with Paint-

easy diy bathroom vanity makeover tutorial

Here in my dated guest bathroom, the first thing I did to refresh the space was to update the existing bathroom vanity with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. With all of the advances in paint technology, I promise.. if you have a little bit of patience, you too can get a professional finish without actually having to hire one.

5. Build a Bathroom Vanity from Plywood-

easy bathroom remodel projects to try

If your current vanity is in bad condition or just too bulky for your small bathroom (as was the case for me), for the cost of some plywood, stain and wood protectant, you can always build a DIY vanity. I love how the floating design of the new vanity gave this space a spa-like feel for my guests.

6. Give Your Existing Faucet a Fresh Look with Paint-

easy projects for diy bathroom remodel ideas

If the thought of plumbing projects intimidates you but you long for new fixtures in your bathroom, you can always paint them. Here at a previous DIY bathroom remodel of mine, changing the faucet and knobs on my tub was presenting as a bit of a pain in the rear (not as straightforward as we had originally hoped).

As a somewhat temporary solution, to achieve a more modern look, I used a special kind of matte black paint on the faucet. It was an easy fix that cost me less than $20! Even better, in the 2+ years that I lived with it, it held up just fine.

Tip: Even if you don’t need new faucets, you could still use this DIY approach for your shower head, towel bars, hardware and toilet paper holder as well!

7. DIY Countertop Upgrade-

easy ways to update a bathroom

While you can always use epoxy paint to resurface dated countertops, some counters are dated beyond simply resurfacing. Case in point? The seashell-shaped sinks built into the 1970’s countertop in my guest bathroom.

But for the cost of veneer plywood and some black stain (under $80), I was able to build an entirely new countertop.

8. Build a Bathroom Mirror Frame-

diy easy bathroom makeover ideas

Nothing says “builder-grade boring” like a large, frameless mirror over your vanity.

If this is you, no judgment at all! In fact, I was in the very same position back at my 1980’s rancher until I built a DIY bathroom mirror frame for under $30 (which I was able to install directly onto the existing mirror).

9. Install Zellige Peel and Stick Tiles-

easy diy bathroom backsplash project
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Move over subway tile!  Zellige tile is taking the world of interior design by storm. Unfortunately, however, real Zellige is not only hard to install, it’s pretty pricey. Not to fret, it is now available in a more DIY-friendly format- peel and stick.

Can you believe that is what My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia used here in this diy bathroom renovation? Obsessed!

10. Paint Your Ceramic Tile Floors-

easy diy bathroom update
Arts and Classy

All new tile floors can cost a pretty penny, but Arts and Classy proves just how amazing paint can be. Using a stencil and floor paint, she made absolute miracles happen here on the flooring in her primary bathroom.

11. Diy-Friendly Accent Wall-

simple diy bathroom remodel ideas
Delineate Your Dwelling

When renovating your bathroom DIY-style, try to think beyond costly and time-consuming tile installation. Delineate Your Dwelling adds interest to her walls on a budget with board-and-batten millwork and wallpaper- a winning combo.

12. Epoxy Your Shower Tile Surround-

easy shower transformation in bathroom
Wildfire Interiors

Installing an entirely new shower and tile surround is, hands down, one of the costliest projects you will encounter on the path to attaining the bathroom of your dreams. But ….if you want to go ahead and make some progress while saving for those marble shower walls, take a cue from Wildfire Interiors and apply white epoxy paint to your existing tiles.

13. Simple DIY Tub Alcove Build-

easy bathtub diy remodel
Tree Farm Design Co.

Looking to give your bathtub nook a bit more character? Be sure to read The Tree Farm Design Co.’s step-by-step tutorial for building alcove shelving from shiplap. I am getting major spa vibes from this beautiful oasis.

14. Stencil Your Backsplash-

easy bathroom makeover ideas
Jessica Welling Interiors

Looking for the most cost-effective solution for bathroom backsplash? You can never go wrong with paint! Jessica Welling Interiors proves this point beautifully with this fabulous stenciled feature wall.

15. Paint Hex Tiles onto Your Vinyl Floors-

easy diy bathroom flooring makeover
How We Do

Hate the look of your existing vinyl or tile floors, but can’t afford to replace them with new tile? Paint over that shiznit like How We Do did here in this brilliantly deceiving DIY project. Can you believe that’s a Hex tile stencil pattern?

16. Wallpaper a Small Powder Room-

simple and fast bathroom remodel ideas
On Lakeshore Drive

Powder rooms are my favorite place to experiment with color and pattern. If you want to instantly give a boring bathroom some oomph, take a note from On Lakeshore Drive and boldly attempt a DIY wallpaper install. While it does take a little patience, it still is less of a process than adding large runs of tile to your bathroom.

17. DIY Plank Backsplash –

easy diy bathroom backsplash
Sustain My Craft Habit

If wallpaper isn’t your jam or you simply need a material that can better withstand excessive steam and water, installing a wood plank backsplash is a great, beginner-friendly project. I love how Sustain My Craft Habit took it up a notch with a bold pop of color.

18. Easy Floating Shelves-

diy bathroom shelves build
Houseful of Handmade

If your small bathroom is in need of some extra storage space, sometimes you’ve just got to leverage your vertical real estate. Building DIY floating shelves for a nook in your bathroom like Houseful of Handmade did here is a very easy DIY project anyone can do. I love how this project is both functional and pretty- helping guests feel welcomed with whatever they may need in plain sight.

19. White Beadboard Paired with Dark Paint-

cheap and easy bathroom remodel ideas
At Lane and High

Can’t decide if you want a dark moody vibe or a bright coastal space? At Lane and High shows us we can have both by pairing a white beadboard backsplash with a dark, dramatic paint color.

Compared to traditional tile, beadboard is not only more budget-friendly but easier to install as well.

20. Quick Update with New Lighting-

easy diy bathroom upgrade project
Charleston Crafted

If you aren’t wanting to put a ton of effort or money into a DIY bathroom renovation, at the very least, you can refresh the space with some new light fixtures and mirrors like Charleston Crafted did here.

Tip: A new shower curtain can do wonders for a space as well.

21. Install Towel Hooks-

fast and easy diy bathroom remodel projects

Oftentimes overlooked, you will be surprised at just how much more elevated your bathroom will feel once you have installed some stylish hooks for displaying towels. In fact, decorating with towels is one of my favorite ways to add pattern, color and texture to a small bathroom.

22. Vanity Organization-

Small Stuff Counts

What good is a newly remodeled bathroom if you can’t easily find what you are looking for? Small Stuff Counts reminds us to stop overlooking the small stuff (get my cheesy attempt at humor?) and gives some great tips for organizing your bathroom vanity.

23. Wall Paint Works Wonders-

easy and beginner-friendly diy bathroom remodel projects
Simply 2 Moms

Regardless of your DIY skill level, anyone (I mean..anyone!)can paint a freakin’ room. This quick and easy bathroom makeover by Simply 2 Moms is a beautiful example of just how dramatically paint color can change a room ( should see the yellow atrocity it was before).

No need to overcomplicate your room refresh with intricate projects- just buy the damn paint already!

beginner-friendly bathroom remodel ideas

I hope you now emerge from this post inspired and empowered to transform the f*ck out of your dated bathroom. Life is simply too short to stare at an ugly space every day!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me this week. It would make such a big difference to this small business of mine if you could share this post with a friend or on social media..

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Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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