My First Interior Design Post

October 26, 2015

light and airy interior design

Hello world! This is my first blog posting for Please bare with me as I develop and upload helpful content.My goal for this site is to inspire and inform. I intend on uploading home improvement diy posts including source lists for all products involved in my designs as well as step by step guides to our home transformations. With time, I will also include furniture transormation diys.

Check out my current home tour with transformation photos here . With time, I will elaborate on each room and include lots of useful information.

With some elbow grease and patience, you can create any vibe you desire for your living space. Desire rustic vibes? Desire coastal vibes? Desire relaxing vibes? Any vibe can be accomplished through the power of design.

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    1. Very Impressive! Can’t wait to show my wife! This is so like our style and taste. Great eye!

      1. Thank you so much, Alan. I really appreciate the feedback. I am working on getting more posts up detailing how we achieved the transformations. Stay tuned!

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