Boho Chic Christmas Home Tour 2017 Part 1

November 29, 2017

boho chic christmas decor ideas

Hey, beautiful babes! Today I am inviting you into my home as I share my Boho Chic take on Christmas decor in part one of my holiday home tour.

For the third year in a row, my sweet friend Carrie from Lovely Etc. has invited me to collaborate with a talented group of bloggers in the Very Merry Christmas Home Tour. At the bottom of the post, you will  find a giveaway where one  reader will receive $300 in Paypal cash (so be sure to stick around and enter to win….you may just be that lucky b*tch)!

modern boho christmas decor

For those of you new to my blog, my name is Erica and I am a potty-mouth boy mom determined to live a beautiful life  on a low budget. I have been renovating my 1980’s fixer upper for the past two years and share my decorating hacks, life revelations and DIY tutorials on the blog.

modern holiday decor

I really cannot help myself….I get an absolute kick out of being inappropriate as you can see from the banner displayed in my mudroom above.  In this crazy world we  live in,  I think laughter is so crucial to one’s sanity (especially this time of year) and that is why I just had to inject  “festive AF” somewhere into my holiday decor scheme.

For my loyal readers, you guys know by now that this comical verbiage succinctly reflects my personality and humor. I just had to!!! Luckily,  I didn’t have to explain “AF” to my boys as they are only young tots and have no effing clue what the banner says. I suppose if I were forced to explain,  I would euphemize a bit with “as fiddlesticks”.

boho modern christmas decor ideas

Speaking of my little boys, for their sake,  this year I really wanted my Christmas decor to read as light-hearted, magical and colorful  (all while maintaining my preferred aesthetic which includes a strong sense of  boho, modern and chic facets). I drew much of my inspiration from the mid-century modern holiday decor of the past.

boho chic christmas decor ideasI find it quite remarkable just how much my aesthetic has changed since my first Christmas tour three years ago – I was once such a neutral freak, but lately I have fallen hard for pops of color.
boho modern christmas decor

In fact, since the “millennial pink” trend hit the interior design scene, my obsession with pink has grown quite strong. I love how it warms up my mainly cool color palette and establishes a sense of modern femininity.

boho modern christmas home tour

As soon as our Christmas tree goes up, old-school classics like The Grinch are played ad nauseam, the little ones go crazy with excitement and mama  begins her Holiday diet of Irish coffee and baked, chocolate-chip cookies.

midcentury modern christmas decor

pink vintage christmas decor

While all of the pink ornaments provide a very vintage/mid-century feel, I was sure to inject some boho vibes into the mix with my DIY agate  ornaments along with some scrap pieces of mudcloth I had from another project.

pink christmas decorAnd if you suffer from “Perfect Ornament Placement Syndrome”, for God’s sake look away… mama consumed her Irish coffee (heavy on the whiskey),  she let down her guard and allowed the little ones free rein of the tree. Result? Ornaments on top of ornaments on top of ornaments.
pink vintage christmas decor

boho chic christmas decor


vintage christmas

boho modern christmas home decor

Moving onto my kitchen where my DIY Cone pendant lights are still going strong, you can smell the scent of fresh baked cookies and our little Gingerbread house.

christmas home tour

vintage christmas decor

After consuming a few more cocktails to compensate for my obsessive compulsive nature of course, mama got a bit haphazard on the icing – also surrendering to my son’s aimless placement of gumdrops (not to mention the complete deviation of my pink and white color palette).In all fairness though, it was a special moment.

christmas kitchen decor ideas

Thank you so much for putting up with my inappropriate shenanigans. You have now reached the end of my Boho Chic Christmas tour.

Here is a sneak peak of part two of my tour which I will be sharing next week…..

Boho Chic Christmas Home Tour Part 2 Preview..

pink boho chic christmas decor

Now you better move on to the next home before I spike your coffee.

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christmas home tour 2017

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Now get out there and design some good vibes!

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    1. OMG Erica I have been dying to see what you have done this year and you 100% did not disappoint my friend! I adore all of the pops of pink and beautiful gold accents, it turned out so beautiful and I cannot wait for part two!

    1. Beautifully done Erica, you have truly achieved a fun lighthearted look that is pure magic, along with the Grinch in the background. And your inappropriate banner gave me a good laugh. Love how you’ve infused the post with your warm family moments. As I was scrolling and your little one popped into view under the coffee table, it was a delight!

    1. Where do I start – so much to love here!! Your tree is perfection, kid helpers and all. Those agate ornaments are the bomb. Your photography is so pretty. You are so much fun. The little gingerbread house… I’m in awe, I’ve always wanted to try one of these but I’m no baker and the whole concept terrifies me slightly – you realise this makes you Martha Stewart in my eyes, right? I always adore your colourful palette, your home matches your personality so well! And now I need to go try some of this Holiday Diet for myself…. te he! 😉 Mwah! xo

      1. Karen…that is like the sweetest comment ever. And I am no freaking Martha Stewart (I cannot bake to save my life)…it was actually a pre-assembled house so all we had to do was decorate it. Thank you for making my day.

    1. Lovely! Your post was entertaining and the decor is beautiful, as always!!

    1. Erica, I love your color of design. You definitely have the eye for a great holiday decor. The originality of color and still have style I just love. Keep up the good work. Feeling your vibe!

    1. You can spike my coffee!! I was so excited to see your tour this year and it blew me away. Again! I love the pops of color on your tree and the garland made me laugh right out loud. lol (I’m still giggling) Just what I needed this morning. Can’t wait to see part 2!

    1. You crack me up! Everything is beautiful as always. Love that little pink nutcracker and those bottle brush trees!

    1. Oh my, your home looks absolutely stunning. Such a playful, dreamy and joyous place! I am afraid I didn’t follow you back when your colour palette where mostly neutral – but have to say colours definitely suit you.
      Love the humour, so down to earth. Keep your amazing self-ironi as well.
      Happy first day of December.

    1. Oh, Erica! You crack me up, girl! That banner is effing hilarious, I just can’t. I’m loving all your pops of pink. Your home always looks so stunning! Well done, friend!

    1. Of course your house looks amazing and I love your humor and sassiness friend! Can’t wait to see more of your holiday decor on Wednesday! Have a great weekend, girl!

    1. bwahahahaha! I am dying over that banner! Thank God I’m not the only potty mouth blogger around here 😉 Your home is so beautiful, especially your kitchen!!! Bring on the spiked coffee and Happy Holidays!

    1. Love this lighthearted, beautiful Christmas tour and will always love how authentic you are! Never ever change!

    1. Wow! This is simply gorgeous. I love your tree most of all – it feels so modern but also classic and chic. Just beautifully put together.

      And I love seeing your little dude under the table. Reminds me of my little guy. Love that our homes can be beautiful – and comfortable and cozy for our families.

      Oh, and I’m so happy we can all be festive af. 😉

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