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The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you can’t tell by now, I am pretty obsessed with fiddle leaf fig trees and while I have been pretty darn successful at taking care of the live one in my living room, I ventured into the artificial territory with this one in my dining room.

I may feel a little icky about using faux greenery, but isn’t this faux fiddle leaf so deceptively realistic? Well, I am going to show you where you can get it (and no…this isn’t a sponsored post.)
the best fake fiddle leaf fig

Before I tell you where I got the best fake fiddle leaf, you are going to have to endure some of my venting…I just have to whine about the utter $hit show that has been my life the past week. You ready?

So within the past week, all of the following has occurred:

  • I had hundreds of dollars in fraudulent charges racked up on my bank account and had to cancel my cards
  • I got a stomach bug (along with my one year old who threw up all over the couch and my new pillows while I was on the phone with my bank reporting said fraudulent charges)
  • my air conditioning unit died and will not be fixed for a few days (mind you…it is currently in the nineties in my neck of the woods and I am sweating my tits off as I type this)
  • my three-year-old broke his arm  going down the effing slide at the effing Chick-Fil-A!!!!! It was truly the most bizarre accident ever.
  • the interior of my car was  invaded by freaking ants…like hundreds upon hundred of the little bastards!!!
  • I cut my finger on a effing can of green beans and had to return to the ER to get stitches!!!

Sorry to vent….but you really cannot make this stuff up. I am well aware these are first-world problems, but…. still…. like..what in the world, universe?


most realistic faux fiddle leaf fig

Back to fiddle leaf figs……..

For your shopping convenience, I have included some  affiliate links.

So when I ordered my faux fiddle leaf fig tree from World Market, this is what it looked like when I removed it from the box. The tree (you can buy it here) is pretty tall – six feet to be exact.

a review of the world market fiddle leaf fig tree

Once I fluffed the leaves and branches into place (like you would with an artificial Christmas tree), I knew the tree was going to look amazing in my dining room. You see..I wanted a plant that would add immediate scale and height to the space (and I didnt have $500 to shell out on a fully mature, living fiddle leaf fig). This tree was under $200.

the best fake fiddle leaf fig

In case you are not familiar with the characteristics of a real fiddle fig, they do possess glossy leaves, and I feel this tree (buy it here) has some pretty convincing leaves. Don’t you think? You really have to get super close to see any signs of “faux-ness”.

the most realistic faux fiddle leaf fig
Even the trunk of the tree looks pretty legit.

I would really say my only complaint is that it did not come with a pot per se. As you can observe in the picture above (where it was directly out of the package and not “fluffed”), the plastic pot is really pathetic. However, for the price, you really cannot complain too much. I simply placed the tree in a vacant pot I already owned. I also think this tree would look fabulous AF is it were placed in a woven basket. It would add a great pop of texture and warmth to any space.

the most realistic artificial fiddle leaf fig

Still not convinced that a faux is the way to go? Wow…that sounded cheesy AF! You can check out my post on how to take care for a fiddle leaf fig – even when you have a black thumb – by clicking here to read the article.

And while it seems the universe has been serving me up a bunch of $hit sandwiches lately, I am relieved to announce some good news. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine has named me a BHG Stylemaker of 2017. With this title, I get to attend an exclusive event in New York this week, and I will be sure to re-cap it for you guys. Please send me some prayers and good vibes…I need my bad luck streak to end !!

bhg stylemaker

Now get out there and design some good vibes. Please also be sure to share the love and Pin…
the best fake fiddle leaf fig tree



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Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Oh you poor baby and your babies!! What a rough week. Sending you love and that fiddle fig is pretty awesome. Xoxo

Designing Vibes

Thursday 28th of September 2017

Thank you so much, Kathy! I really appreciate the sweet words.


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

That is wonderful! No worry. You're the best! You'll ACE it!

Designing Vibes

Tuesday 26th of September 2017

Thank you so much for the sweet words, Carolyn!