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Black Display Cabinet Roundup

Black Display Cabinet Roundup

Black curio cabinets are having a major moment right now in modern farmhouse and contemporary design. Taking it upon myself to be your personal shopper, today I have rounded up some of the most fabulous (not to mention reasonably priced)pieces for you below…

With renovation projects currently at a halt in our household as we await the day we list our current house for “the one”, I feel like I am kind of scrambling to come up with DIY and home decor posts to share with you.

You see…

I’m just not all that motivated to invest any more time or money into a home that I feel we have basically maxed out on resale value.

Lame to admit, but I would have to confess that the most exciting thing to happen to my fixer upper in recent weeks, is the purchase of this black curio cabinet…

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black display cabinet modern

Believe it or not, this purchase wasn’t just for sh*ts and giggles, but actually out of utter necessity…

Unfortunately, I am learning the hard way that furniture is truly an investment and if you go with what’s “cheapest”, you will actually end up spending way more in the long run.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what happened to me when a cheap a$$ armoire I had purchased for around $200( and only had for 2 years )ended up freakin collapsing.

black display cabinet modern
West Elm

After scouring the internet for weeks (I needed somewhere to store all of my booze and vacation tchotchkes) , I decided to go with this black modern piece with leather pulls which comes with black or brown leather pulls and brass or nickel hardware.

And while this was the lowest priced option on my wish list, I am happy to report that it doesnt feel cheap. In fact, it was not made in China, but in Denmark.

If you can get past the 5 hour assembly process, it is definitely the best value out of everything I found.

McGee and Co.

While my first choice would have been all of the curved display cabinets I have included in this round up, most of these are actually more than double what I paid for my piece.

If I were already in my dream home, I would absolutely go ahead and splurge on such an investment. However, given I don’t know exactly where I will be in a year, I see the piece i went with as more of a staging necessity (for all I know, I may be selling it on Facebook marketplace down the road).

So….Now that I have endlessly rambled on with my boring furniture story, I suppose I should go ahead and let you see my black cabinet curation.

While the items in the round up are by no means cheap (I refuse to promote some piece of crap that will most likely collapse on you within a year), they are all under $2,500. Hey…there’s always Paypal Credit or Afterpay!

The cabinet I purchased is item “k” below.

Shop Modern Black Curio Cabinets:

For those of you crushing on the black curio cabinet trend, hopefully this saved you some research time. And another reminder…go ahead and fork out the investment for a quality piece up front. Learn from my mistakes!

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life.

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Carmen Sambursky

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

I am with you on the maxing out on the resale value! I love all these cabinets and really like the one you chose for your home. We are getting ready to move to and I am ready to sell a lot of my furnishings but hesitate to do so because we will be renting for a while! Decisions decisions!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of July 2021

I bet it feels good to do a purge on your old furniture. And i am right there with's hard to decorate in such a transitional stage. Good luck with everything, Carmen!


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

Kudos to you for knowing that you have maxed out on resale value! I am sure that once your house is on the market it won't last long. Thanks for this round up....I am crushing on L :)