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10 Fabulous AF Dining Room Wall Decorating Ideas to Try

10 Fabulous AF Dining Room Wall Decorating Ideas to Try

Are your dining room walls in need of a little decorative oomph? Today I am sharing 10 ideas that will completely elevate your space…

The dining room is generally considered one of the most formal spaces of a home. But with such a grand distinction, often comes a whole lot of freakin’ pressure.

I don’t know about you, but when I get to overthinking a room (due to said pressure) I can get so lost in the possibilities that I shut down completely- ultimately leading to what I like to call “design paralysis”.

white walls and large art work in an organic modern  dining nook

And while this condition happens to the best of us, what I have personally found to be the best cure for this common freeze response is:

Step 1: Remind yourself that nothing is set in stone. Essentially…you can’t f*ck it up as there is always a fix if you just so happen to do something that ends up looking atrocious (’s just a nail hole).

Then, once you have taken the pressure off yourself…

Step 2: Browse aspirational photos and analyze them (using descriptive terms) to see what exactly about the space you love (or hate). I also like to identify the similarities or differences between my room (wall color, furniture, layout, etc.) and the image I find myself captivated by.

So…if you are sick and tired of staring at that blank wall in your dining room, in my attempts to get you out of your design paralysis, I am now going to assist you with “step 2”- soaking in some inspiration…

Stylish Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room Walls-

1. Art Propped Against Wall on Wood Ledge-

two pieces of framed art and sconce lights on wall in modern dining room

Here in my dining room, recognizing damn well that I am unable to commit to design choices for very long, I decided to prop my abstract canvas art on the live edge shelf/ledge attached to the wall. To add some additional task lighting, I then flanked the art with two swing arm wall sconces.

Even if you don’t have a built-in ledge like this in your space, this propped look would also work beautifully on top of a sideboard or console table. At any rate, if the thought of nail holes invokes mini panic attacks, this method is probably your best bet.

2. Oversized Art Centered Behind Dining Table-

modern farmhouse dining room with large black and white artwork

Back in my 1980’s fixer upper, I transformed my formal dining room into a more casual dining nook by constructing a built-in dining bench as there really wasn’t enough room for a sideboard or console table behind the table (like what you would find in a more traditional type of layout).

To make the farmhouse vibe lean a little more modern, I decided to hang an oversized abstract print behind the table.

3. Wall Mounted Wine Racks-

modern organic dining room with wine racks mounted on walls
The Lifestyled Co.

If you’d rather think outside of the box when it comes to your dining room wall decor, take a cue from The Lifestyled Co. and adorn your walls with black iron wine racks.

Not only is this a functional idea, the racks themselves are pretty inexpensive (like only $20 per rack). I am absolutely obsessed with the swanky feel it evokes!

4. Chandelier lighting as art-

moody dining room with board and batten walls painted in dark green
House Seven Design

Statement lighting can double as art when done as impeccably as this stunning, moody dining room by House Seven Design.

Between the high contrast of the light-toned chandelier paired with the dark walls, not to mention the captivating texture of the wooden cabinets, there is really no need to muck it up with any additional distractions. 

5. Mirrors to reflect light-

dining room with modern chandelier and mirrors on wall
Homesmith Design via Dwell Magazine Photography by Brittny Smith

There is nothing like a wall mirror to brighten a space and give it the illusion of being bigger than it actually is. That being said, to pull the look off, scale is everything!

While oversized mirrors can get expensive quickly, as only a creative designer knows how to do, Homesmith Design cleverly joined 3 smaller mirrors to give the illusion of one large piece in this modern yet timeless dining room. I love me a good money-saving hack!

6. Millwork and wall sconces-

neutral modern dining room with decorating wall paneling

No need to clutter up your walls when you have a space as visually intriguing as this. Here, Kelsey Leigh Design Co. masters the juxtaposition of opulent minimalism by allowing the wainscoting to speak for itself while the wall sconces inject just the right amount of modern style into the mix.

7. An unexpected pop of color-

contemporary coastal dining room with colorful canvas art in the wall next to a window
Mindy Gayer Design Co.

As if this dining room isn’t already beautiful enough, I am completely in awe of the gorgeous piece of abstract artwork that Mindy Gayer incorporated into the design- adding an element of surprise into an otherwise earthy, minimalist space.

If you have a proclivity for both neutral design and occasional pops of color- you no longer have to compromise. Given the mobile nature of artwork, you can have the best of both worlds.

Tip: If you are both an art snob and a commitment-phobe, consider leasing or renting art from your local galleries.

8. Dramatic Windows-

Angela Rose Home

When you have windows this freaking stunning in your dining room, who needs any other form of wall decor? Then again, the limewash wall texture, oversized light pendants and wood beams aren’t too shabby either. Angela Rose sure knows how to DIY her way to a fabulous dining space!

9. Stacked open shelving for styling and wine tasting-

modern organic dining room with open shelving
The Lifestyled Co.

If you feel like you have seen this incredible dining room before, you aren’t going crazy. I have actually already featured it earlier in the round-up (remember the wine racks?).

Well… I just couldn’t help but share an alternate view of the space, because I think it is such a unique and chic (didn’t mean to rhyme like that)spin on dining room wall decor.

Utilizing wall-mounted ledges and stacking them like open shelving, The Lifestyled Co. incorporated the pretty (art and decorative sculptures) with the functional (wine and glassware)- ultimately resulting in the perfect space for a dinner party.

10. Impactful gallery wall-

dining room with gallery wall of framed pictures
Lindye Galloway

When all else fails, you can never…ever… go wrong with a gallery wall .

What I particularly love about this art styling by Lindye Galloway (I mean… aside from the fact that the room itself is out of this world), is the unique use of oversized prints on the wall- making for one mammoth of a statement. I guess it just goes to show that when you are dealing with art, bigger really is better.

modern farmhouse dining room with white shiplap walls and abstract art print

As I wrap up this blog post, I hope you finally have some viable inspiration for that blank wall you’ve been agonizing over.

Now…all you must do is trust yourself, trust the design process ( can’t f*ck it up), and get to taking action. You got this, girl!

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me this week! If you found this post helpful, it would mean so much to me if you could share it with a friend or on social media…

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dinging room wall with modern canvas art work

Now get out there and design some vibes along with a fabulous life!

abstract art propped against wood  ledge on dining room wall


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