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Roman’s Big Boy Room

Roman’s Big Boy Room

Hey beautiful babes! I have got so many exciting projects going on at the moment,  but today I want to discuss design plans for my oldest son’s “big boy room”.

Shortly after Christmas,  Roman, who is my first born,  turned four. It is truly astounding just how much he has matured in the past few months, and I know the time has come to transition from a toddler space to a big boy room. Not only do I want to design a calming, inspiring space for him …I have some selfish motives of my own.

My Selfish Motives:

  1. His room is so neglected and poorly decorated,I should be ashamed of myself.
  2. I am sick of him trashing out the entire house, so I am hoping he will spend more time playing in his room(less time destroying the rest of the house) if he feels happy in it.
  3. We currently don’t have the luxury of a playroom, and I am craving an organizational-type challenge…maximizing toy storage and play space.

So here is the tentative design board I have come up with. For your shopping convenience, I have included affiliate links…..

Current Design Plans

toy storage by Studio McGee / rug / pirate flag / sconce / art / bed / pillow / duvet / mudcloth throw / chandelier

With the exception of the mudcloth throw and rattan light fixture, all of the decor has been ordered. Because I made the mistake of buying Roman a big, obnoxious train table a few years ago, my number one goal was to find a bed to hide it under when it isn’t being used. Unfortunately all of the rod iron and Jenny Lind beds that I was swooning over had center support poles (and therefore would not allow storage of the table under the bed). So , I settled for this modern platform bed.

In terms of art, I let Roman call the shots. He said he wanted a pirate flag and this adorable Llama print.  I think he has pretty damn good taste (just like his mama…just kidding…kind of).

As far as the textiles are concerned, I drew my inspiration from the following two designs.

Amber Interiors is basically the queen of Cali-Coolness. I love the calming boho vibe of the tonal textiles in this space. There is no doubt, this space belongs to a cool kid.

With the Grey wall color and wood tones of the bed, I believe this rustic modern space by Studio McGee may most accurately represent the color palette of Roman’s room. Given I selected a wooden bed, and his current wall color is Grey, it would be great if all of the elements came together as fabulously as this one. If it all possible, I would love to avoid re-painting his room….ain’t nobody got time for that!

As I mentioned, toy storage is one of my top priorities with this space.

I love how Studio Mcgee didn’t compromise fashion for form with this darling toy shelf. Not to mention, I am a major sucker for seagrass baskets!

So there you have it. In addition to re-doing our kitchen floors, installing new counter tops and staining our deck, this big boy bedroom is something else in the works at the Van Slyke residence. If you don’t hear from me for a week or so, that means I have a bunch of unfinished projects going on with nothing yet to show for it.  However,  I will be sure to share the final product with you guys as I complete each project.

Now get out there and design some good vibes!



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Julie S

Thursday 29th of March 2018

Oooh, so awesome! I'm a little bit jelly - we do live in California in a small but open, indoor outdoor sort of house that has that cali cool vibe, white walls, wood, black, and gray (plus just a little more color on the art and textiles than Amber or McGee do because hey this is real life LOL). I am starting to work on my girls' shared room since it was time to size up their beds recently (they are almost 5 and almost 2). My 5 year old is starting to have Opinions which despite my best efforts include lots of PINK. Blergh. So instead of a rad organic-casual vibe like the rest of the house I was starting with a dark pink bedframe and an antique painting of lush pink roses. Eff it, we are going Modern Victorian, I said! And so we are :)

Designing Vibes

Friday 30th of March 2018

I bet your home is gorgeous, Julie. I so wish I lived in Cali! haha! Speaking of pink...have you seen Becki Owens work? She often incorporates pink into her boho modern designs with Chinese wedding blanket type textiles and it has made me lust after pink lately. Then again, the queen herself, Emily Henderson, continues to reference to modern Victorian so I would say your vision is right on point. Good luck! xoxo


Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Very cool!!! Talk about "neglected", my "big boy" turned 16 last year. "Bad Mom Alert" - I haven't re done his room since he was a toddler! He outgrew his vintage cowboy theme years ago. His room is now vintage cowboy vs. California hippy. On the bright side - I did get rid of his diaper changing table!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the transformation of your son's room. I'd also love to see you post some possible ideas (low budget of course) on transitioning childhood rooms to teenage rooms/decor.

I love your sense of style and design! I look forward to one day being able to work with you to transform my entire house - inside and out! Much love!!!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Thanks for the sweet words, Elisar! You totally just made me feel better about the neglect of my kid's room. haha! Although....vintage cowboy meets California hippy sounds pretty cute. Have a fabulous day!

ashley allen

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Its going to be amazing Erica, I can't wait to see it :) I am actually making a pray for surf cloth like the one pictured for our sons beachy bedroom, I love it so much and everything Amber touches. You're totally speaking to my soul with this post.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Thank you so much, love! Happy hump day!


Wednesday 28th of March 2018

That llama print is just too cool! I’ve been thinking of buying a llama print myself. Guess we all have good taste. From looking at your design board one can tell this room will be awesome. Can’t wait to see it and your other completed projects. Now to buy a llama print. Good vibes!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

I am so glad he wanted the Llama print, because it was just too stinkin' cute. I think mine should be coming in the mail today so I am super excited to see what it looks like in person. Happy hump day, friend!