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How To Decorate a Christmas Coffee Table DIY Style

How To Decorate a Christmas Coffee Table DIY Style

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With the help of some simple DIY tricks, today I am sharing easy and affordable ways to decorate your coffee table for the holidays

If you are already getting overwhelmed thinking about all of the holiday shopping you are going to need to do over the next few weeks, I totally feel your pain, boo. I haven’t even purchased the first freakin’ gift!

how to decorate a christmas coffee table

Given budgets and hectic schedules are typically an added source of stress this time of year (tis’ the season) , let’s not convolute matters even further with a sh*t ton of fussy (not to mention expensive) Christmas decor.

My hopes are that after you see all of the beautiful Christmas coffee table inspiration photos I am about to share with you below, you will feel empowered to keep your holiday decor scheme simple and fuss-free- all while being fabulous AF of course!

Having just covered minimalist Christmas tree decorating ideas a few posts back, today, I wanted to share some inspiration and tips for table top decorating. While this post mainly focuses on coffee table styling, you can apply most of these ideas to console and dining tables as well.

So without further ado, just in time for the holiday season, here are 15 of the most stylish DIY Christmas coffee table decorating ideas …

1. Natural Stems in a DIY Spray-Painted Vase-

christmas coffee table decorating tips

Taking a look back on my Christmas decorations from last year, you will see that my coffee table actually displays no sign of holiday-specific pieces. Instead, I allowed the focal point of the table to be a DIY up-cycled vase which I filled with natural pampas stems- mimicking the Christmas wreath over my couch.

Sticking to lighter-colored tabletop pieces allows for a cohesive blend which nods to the surrounding white, winter wonderland accents. To add a festive touch to such understated styling, I lit a pine-scented candle.

2. Christmas Tree Decorations in a Woven Bowl-

diy coffee table decor ideas for christmas

Back in the living room of my 1980’s fixer upper, I had a very similar styling arrangement going on. En lieu of the white candle, however, I made my own festive centerpiece by placing Christmas tree ornaments in a woven bowl. The wood beads draped over the bowl and books add a little more interest to the mix- injecting some movement and texture to the otherwise smooth and simple items.

3. Elegant Christmas Centerpiece with Tiered White Vases-

diy christmas coffee table decorating inspiration
The Hillary Style

For an elevated look in your living room this Christmas season, construct your own beautiful centerpiece by staggering two stone vases on your coffee table and filling them with muted-toned holly berries like The Hillary Style did in her modern organic sitting room. To warm up all of the white at play and inject a little bling, incorporate brass candle holders into your styling.

4. Dried Citrus Fruits in a Travertine Bowl-

diy decorations for christmas coffee table
Studio McGee

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like the scent of pine and citrus to get me in the holiday spirit. And while one might typically think to decorate with dried citrus fruits only when trimming the tree, you can take a cue from Studio McGee and use them on your coffee table as well.

When paired with some gorgeous books and a beautiful bowl, you get a welcoming yet sophisticated feel. Tip: Don’t forget to add some height and color to your table with a holiday-inspired floral arrangement.

5. Christmas Table Centerpiece with Evergreen Branches-

how to style a coffee table for christmas ideas
Laine and Layne

For all those warm, rustic feels we love about the Christmas season, take note from Laine and Layne and create a holiday-inspired centerpiece by grouping some fresh greenery in a vase with a candle and decorative bowl.

For not only function but form, a beautiful match stick holder brings balance to this DIY centerpiece by acknowledging the rule of thirds. Not only is there a grouping of three decorative elements in the center of the table, but the coffee table as a whole has three distinct groupings for an aesthetically pleasing format .

6. Grouping of Mini Trees Styled on the Coffee Table-

how to style a coffee table for the holidays
Studio McGee

Speaking of items grouped in threes…aren’t these bottle brush trees absolutely adorable? With all of the other decor being of shorter height, the taller vase of pine branches adds just the right amount of scale to this casual coffee table styling.

Note how the brown color of the trees is repeated with the brown wooden chain links and the white color of the vase is echoed with the white candle. Such repetition keeps everything feeling cohesive and intentional.

7. Natural Elements That Don’t Compete with the Surrounding Holiday Decor-

tips for styling a holiday coffee table
Jenna Sue Design

To ensure that the focal point remains on the most important holiday accent in the room- the Christmas tree and wreaths- keep your coffee table styling simple and subtle. I love the attention to detail Jenna Sue Design exhibited by placing two pine cones on top of some stacked white books.

It just goes to show..when you have so many beautiful moments happening in a space, you don’t have to overcomplicate your coffee table styling.

8. DIY Christmas Centerpieces-

diy christmas coffee table decor

So I realize my dining room table is not a coffee table, but this DIY idea will work for just about any surface. Coveting some concrete tabletop trees from CB2 but not loving their ungodly price tag, being the cheapskate I am, I decided to spray paint two cardboard crafting trees with a special stone effects product. For under $20, I am super happy with how they turned out.

9. Decorating an Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table-

modern coffee table decorating for christmas
Making Highview Home

While decorating an ottoman for the Christmas season can certainly present its limitations, Making Highview Home proves it is totally doable. For unstable surfaces of this nature, a wooden tray will be your best friend.

10. DIY Amber Glass Christmas Decorations-

diy ideas for decorating a christmas coffee table
Craftberry Bush

As far as DIY Christmas coffee table decorations are concerned, these amber glass ornaments by Craftberry Bush are one of the most beautiful ideas I have seen. To make a centerpiece from the ornaments, simply place them in a decorative bowl along with some sprigs of cedar or pine.

If you would like to see how to make these yourself, be sure to check out her full tutorial by clicking on the link in the photo caption.

11. Wooden Trees Paired With Books and Greenery-

diy decor for christmas coffee table styling
Chris Loves Julia

If you really want to add some festive holiday decorations to your coffee table styling without being too kitschy, consider a simple wooden Christmas tree. Stacked on top of some elegant white books, you can nod to Christmas without being too obnoxious about it. As you can see from this beautifully styled table by Chris Loves Julia, wood and white are a winning combination.

12. With Bells On-

diy coffee table decor ideas and tips
Home With Chrissy M.

When you are working with lots of wood, stone and other rustic finishes, metallic home decor can infuse a delightful juxtaposition. Golden bells and mercury glass ornaments add the perfect touch of holiday glam on this beautiful coffee table spread by Home With Chrissy M.

13. DIY Holiday Decor Upcycling-

easy diy christmas decorations for a coffee table
The Navage Patch

If you don’t have fancy holiday decor at your disposal, you can follow The Navage Patch and upcycle cheap pieces to look fancy and new. All you need is a can of spray paint!

14. White Candles and a Dough Bowl Centerpiece-

gorgeous coffee table decor for christmas
The Hillary Style

You don’t have to be exceptionally crafty to concoct a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. To replicate this gorgeous coffee table look by The Hillary Style , simply fill a wooden dough bowl with some fresh greenery and pinecones. Top the look off with a pair of white pillar candles and a string of jingle bells.

15. White Ceramic Christmas Village Houses-

Super affordable and versatile, white ceramic houses have become a staple in my holiday decor toolbox. When styling them on a coffee table, I recommend pairing two or more together (preferably in various heights). Staggering pairs of the same item always gives off that rich b*tch, designer look!

christmas coffee table decor ideas

So now that we have finally come to the end of this list, I hope you have found a holiday styling strategy that resonates with you.

At the end of the day, there are so many things to feel overwhelmed with this time of year, but decorating your Christmas coffee table shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Thank you so much for stopping by this week! It would mean the world to this small business of mine if you could share this post with a friend or on social media…

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Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

diy coffee table christmas decor ideas


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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Some really great ideas here Erica. And simple too just the way we need them to be since the tree will take up so much time.

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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Thank you so much, Mary! Yeah...the tree definitely takes up much more time (not to mention money). Have a great rest of your week. :)