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Thrift Store Vase Makeover with Spray Paint

Thrift Store Vase Makeover with Spray Paint

In today’s DIY tutorial, I am sharing how I transformed a cheap, glass vase into an expensive-looking Pottery Barn dupe…

Aged terracotta and artisanal pottery are definitely having a moment in the world of interior design right now.

Not only do these weathered pieces add warmth and texture to a space, but the handcrafted nature of the vases inject some elevated character into the mix as well.

Wanting to experiment with this trend myself , I was quickly discouraged when I discovered that, unfortunately, most of these handcrafted pieces require a significant investment.

In fact, if you go browsing on Etsy or Pottery Barn for aged terracotta, you better be prepared to pay anywhere from $300-$800 (that is…if you are looking for anything of substantial height like I needed).

best textured spray paint for vase

If I was a rich b*tch, I would totally go for the real thing in a heartbeat, but my natty light budget forced me to think outside of the box.

After some brainstorming, I decided to scour my local thrift stores for a large, cheap a$$ vase that I could easily transform with paint. Let me show you how I did it…

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best paint for vase makeover diy

How To Paint a Glass Vase to Look Like Aged Terracotta:

(Step 1). Wipe your vase to ensure you have a clean surface.

(Step 2). Prime your vase for the textured paint. (I used this primer).

how to paint a vase with texture

(Step 3). Once your primer is dry, apply a super light coat of this textured spray paint. (Click here for the exact paint I used). Note: The key to making the finish look somewhat weathered, is to use a super light touch on the paint so that some of the primed layer is slightly exposed.

textured paint diy for thrift store vase makeover

Because I wanted some of the “white/primer” layer to subtly show thru, I only did one light coat of the stone-effect spray paint…

easy textured vase makeover diy

See how freakin’ simple that was?

No fancy brush technique required!

For under $20, I was able to re-create the aged terracotta vibe that once seemed like a distant wish.

I am so happy with how it truly elevated my dining room and, even better, unlike some of the aged pottery that isn’t even capable of holding water (I learned this the hard way), this one actually does!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me this week!

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cheap glass vase makeover with textured paint diy

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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Tanya @ twelveoeightdiy

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

I love this! Who can spend hundreds on a vase anyways, your dupe is awesome:)

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Right?! Maybe one day. haha! Thank you for the sweet feedback, and I am so happy you liked my dupe. :)


Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Erica- That is a great and easy idea! Now if you’ll pardon me while I “borrow” that tutorial. Of course I will give you total credit. Wow-that’s brilliant. Thanks for the step by step instructions.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Absolutely, Donna! That is what I am here for. :)