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Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanity Roundup: All Under $600

Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanity Roundup: All Under $600

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If you want to make a small bathroom feel less cramped, you truly can’t go wrong with a floating vanity. In today’s roundup post, I have done all the legwork for you and curated some fabulous, wall mounted bathroom vanities- all for under $600.

I am no stranger to small a$$ bathrooms….

In fact, my most popular room transformation to date, my Modern Farmhouse Meets Boho Bathroom Remodel , presented the challenge of “airing out” and “opening up” a super narrow configuration.

Because our budget did not allow for any alterations to the actual footprint of the bathroom or all of the costly plumbing it would’ve entailed, we were forced to be super intentional about every square inch of the room.

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modern wall mounted bathroom vanity roundup on the cheap

To me, one of the biggest spatial offenders was the original vanity.

Not only did the traditional, counter- to- floor vanity look visually heavy, it’s depth protruded way too far into the walkway of the bathroom.

While I did consider the idea of a DIY custom floating vanity like my husband built for our old powder room (you can read the DIY vanity tutorial here), I knew I was going to need ample cabinet and drawer storage for all of my beauty products.

So ….I scoured the internet for wall mounted, floating vanities with the most narrow depth possible, and came across this beauty from Home Depot (it actually has 2 hidden drawers behind one of the cabinet doors).

Not only were the dimensions better suited for the small space, but I loved that the piece already came with a sink and countertop (this alone saved us at least $1,500) .

wall mounted bathroom vanities on the cheap

Not only did this simple change open up the footprint of our narrow bathroom, the design gave the space more of a sleek, modern feel.

Lucky for you, this same vanity is actually $100 off right now!

For your shopping convenience, I have rounded up some budget-friendly wall mounted vanities which I think will not only create the illusion of more foot space, but will also elevate the look of your small bathroom.

Click on the desired product to be taken to the affiliate link! FYI:The vanity featured in this post is listed as “i”.

Shop Modern Wall Mounted Vanities:

Thank you so much for stopping by this week! I hope this post has given you hope for any small bathroom you may be cringing at right now.

You would truly be surprised at what a difference a proper-sized vanity can make.

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modern wall mounted vanity cheap

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

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