Agate Christmas Ornament DIY

November 14, 2016

diy agate christmas ornament

I confess… I used to be one of those people who were super “anti-Christmas decor” before Thanksgiving. Well, one year into the world of blogging and I have become one of those crazy Christmas people.

I spent my Sunday drinking mimosas, listening to Jazz and decorating for my Christmas home tour (which goes live December 1st). I also put together an Agate Christmas ornament DIY for ya’ll.

I apologize for stuffing Christmas down your throat  before  we have even had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wanted to be sure you guys have plenty of time to gather holiday inspiration before decorating your own home.
diy agate christmas ornament

While agate has been used for years in alternative medicine for it’s healing and balancing properties, the crystals have recently started trending in home decor- used as bookends, coasters and even framed art.  Growing quite fond of blue agate myself, I decided to incorporate this little gift from mother nature into my Christmas tree.

diy agate christmas ornament

Materials Needed:

  • Agate Crystals(with a hole either drilled in or existing in the natural formation as I used)
  • Jewelry String
  • Scissors
  • Ornament Hooks

diy agate christmas ornament

I purchased my dark blue agate slices from Etsy. While I chose the larger size ( 3.5-5.5 x 2.7-3.9″ ) with a  “druzy” center , there are also smaller sizes available with pre-drilled holes in them (intended for jewelry).

diy agate christmas ornament

Once you have your agate, all you have to do is thread the jewelry stringing through the hole.

diy agate christmas ornament

Then create one knot at the base of the string to secure the ornament and another knot higher to secure the ornament hook.

diy agate christmas ornament

In case your are wondering, I purchased my gold stringing from Micheals.

diy agate christmas ornament

You see? So easy it is silly for me to even write a tutorial for it.

diy agate christmas ornament

And if  you aren’t keen on the blue agate, there are several other colors available.

diy agate christmas ornament

But ya’ll know blue is my jam.

And here is a preview of my Christmas tree with the agate ornaments…….

boho glam christmas tree


Now get out there and design some good vibes.

And please be sure to spread the love and “pin”..

diy agate christmas ornament

diy agate ornament

Much Love,


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    1. Erica what a cool idea. It certainly is not Christmasy but we know you have your own individual style. And that’s whay makes you special. Can’t wait to see more Christmas ideas from you.

    1. Erica these are beautiful!!!! So gorgeous and don’t be shocked if you see these beauties in my home. 🙂

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