Fall Home Tour 2016

September 23, 2016

coastal boho modern fall decor

Welcome to my first fall home tour, ya’ll! While it is still well into the nineties outside and my A/C went out yesterday, I am going to try my best to give you guys some autumnal spirit.

Given that the last blog post I published was my summer home tour,  I am a tad bit embarrassed.  Simply put, I have been overwhelmed and exhausted since the birth of my second baby boy back in April.

You see, I have been trying my best to adapt to being a mother of two, commencing my marketing job (after being on maternity leave) and busting my a$$ in the gym(not only to lose the baby weight, but because it is my only “me” time). (excuses , excuses…I know!)Nevertheless,  inspiration fizzled out, and blogging was put on the back-burner. And while many of you superwomen out there probably think that is child’s play, the struggle has been real for me.

But, when my talented buddy Meg from Green with Decor invited me to be a part of her Fall blog hop, I decided to put on my big girl panties and come up with something for ya’ll.

boho chic fall decor

For those of you who don’t know me, I am not a huge seasonal crafts type of gal. I introduce the seasons typically through textiles, texture and season-appropriate florals.


rustic modern fall decor

And while my aesthetic is heavily influenced by California- coastal flare (although I’m a hillbilly living in Tennessee), in the fall, I do my best to highlight the rustic elements of my decor, while slightly underplaying the coastal aspects.

boho chic fall decor


This year, I jumped on the Kilim bandwagon and ordered some turkish pillow covers off of Etsy. The covers were actually crafted from vintage Turkish rugs.

I think they add a nice pop of warmth among an otherwise cool backdrop of colors. I love how Kilim not only works well in rustic settings, but has also become a staple in recent California, bohemian interiors. This incorporation of textiles keeps my transitional design “fresh” and up-to-date while also bridging the gap between what I am currently seeing in coastal and rustic modern interiors.


modern boho fall decor

For me, fall is not only synonymous with football, pumpkins and colorful leaves, but also “owls”. Yes, when autumn rolls around I always whip out my owl decor.

kitchen -55

fall home decor kitchen

And in an attempt to further downplay my coastal vibes, I traded out some of my turquoise sea glass for some newly purchased Chinoiserie. And I am pretty sure chinoiserie is becoming my new obsession.

Just like Kilim, I believe it holds the capacity to look cohesive in any genre of decor. To me, it gives the impression of a more curated and “lived in” space.


Moving on to the foyer, I have included the obligatory fall vignette complete with a scarf and leather boots.  What kind of slob lives here?


boho modern fall decor

boho modern fall decor

boho modern fall decor

I should receive some sort of an award for all of my cleverly shot photos….I was somehow able to work around all of the baby gear. I have tricked you all into believing my house is clean and I don’t have swings, bumbos, high chairs and jumpers in every corner of my residence.


transitional fall decor

Don’t even get me started on my two-year-old. While I love him dearly, the house normally has trains and Paw Patrol figurines scattered through out.


transitional fall decor

And if you haven’t noticed, my husband and I love our libations. My husband considers fall to be scotch season, while I will gladly settle for a glass of cabernet sauvignon or the occasional Moscow Mule .





In case you didn’t get enough fall paraphernalia in the other rooms of my home, I threw some more in my office/mudroom.

boho fall decor

boho fall decor

Thank you all so much for stopping by. Please be sure to check out all of the other fabulous home tours listed below. There is tons of fall inspiration from all genres of design.

Now get out there and design some good vibes! Much love to you all.

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    1. Erica, your fall home tour is gorgeous. Loving those pillows and the way you put everything together. And don’t be too hard on yourself. I don’t even have children and I struggle with blogging regularly 🙂 You are doing great girl!!

      1. Thank you so much , Stephanie! I just get in a rut sometimes. We need to get together for a glass of wine (or 2) sometimes. 🙂

    1. Erica – your home is stunningly beautiful!. We love the colors and your use of textiles throughout your home. Don’t be too hard on yourself…you need to make yourself and your family the priority! Happy Fall!

    1. This is just gorgeous! I love your home – such business spaces. Such a random question but what are the yellow “ball” picks in your kitchen? They are so pretty!

      1. Thank you so much, Tiffany. Being away from blogging for a bit, I was doubting myself a little. Thanks for the positive support. 🙂

    1. This is simply GORGEOUS! It is not overly themed by any means, and that is what I love the most. You have done an amazing job, and I simply love your home…in every season 🙂

    1. Far from being a hillbilly, your style is highly sophisticated! Erica, don’t ever say that again! They way you have merged the cool blues with the warmer hues of the fall colors makes for a beautiful look and lots of interest. And it’s okay if you hide the baby gear, we all have our stuff that will not go away. You go girl, this is gorgeous! I’m sharing it on FB and if you want pop over to my blog and join the link party.

    1. Absolutely gorgeous Erica! I love that you have kilim pillows now!!!!! Welcome to the kilim textile club. 🙂 Beautiful tour!

    1. I totally love your simple touches that provide big impact. My dear, you mix various items and decor themes with the best of them. Truly adore your style…..And It’s always a treat to visit your blog. I leave inspired to shake things up around my own home. Congratulations and Happy Fall, Erika. 🙂 Susie from Chelsea Project

    1. Love your beautiful home! All the texture you brought in is just perfect! I so love the pillows!

    1. Beautiful fall home as usual you just have that special touch.Have missed your blog glad your back!

    1. I was looking forward to your tour, and it didn’t disappoint! I love the textiles you chose too. I was playing around in my head about bringing some turkish pillows into play in my home, but I ended up running into an entirely different type of pillow and couldn’t let it go. I’m pretty sure I’ll be finding some for the new year though! You’ve inspired me to go for it. Anyways, you did a gorgeous job bringing touches of fall to the space, and I bet you’re doing a great job as a mommy of two as well. Glad you are back to blogging!

    1. Your house is gorgeous as always!! You use such great texture, I love it. And how great are those boots?!

      1. Thank you so much, Meg. And thank you so much for taking the time to organize all of this and include me in such a great tour. Happy Fall, friend!

    1. An absolutely beautiful tour Erica! I don’t know how you hid all the baby gear but your home is stunning. I hope your AC is all fixed by now too!

    1. So pretty! I really like the blues, green, and oranges you brought in. It’s just lovely.

    1. Your home is beautiful! I love the way you added pops of fall colors! Could you tell me the paint color you have on your walls?

    1. YES, Erica!! #everything You rocked this tour!! I love your pillow combos, splash of vibrant colors and all of that copper is so good! I’ll settle on the idea of libations year-round! The warm, dark liquor in the bottles creates such a cozy look & feel in that vignette – love it. But I’m with you, wine please! Thanks for sharing your beautiful fall home with us 😉 – Rachael

    1. Lovely home! Where did you get the table in the living room? Thanks!

      1. Thank you , Chantal! I got the coffee table from a liquidation store, but it unfortunately closed a few years ago. Sorry I couldnt be of more help.

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