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diy no sew stamped pillow cover

DIY No Sew Stamped Pillow

Aside from mud cloth and shibori, one of my favorite new trends in the textile realm right now is hand-blocked printed fabric. In fact, some of my favorite designers are incorporating this centuries-old tradition into their design schemes, and I cannot stop swooning over it. Today, I am going to show you how I made a hand-blocked (or stamped) pillow cover. Even better..there is no sewing required!   For those of you unfamiliar with the term "hand-blocked" , let me give…

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

No Sew Wall Hanging Under $10 – DIY

At times, I must admit that my inability to sew makes me feel like a DIY phony. But when I find short-cuts (ways to avoid sewing), I can't help but get a little I am somehow cheating the system. Today I feel like a real damn rebel, because I am going to show you how I made this woven wall hanging without sewing. What is even better...I made it for under $10 (take that Urban Outfitters). For your convenience, I…

no-sew diy fabric planter

No-Sew Fabric Shibori Planter DIY

You know that term crazy cat lady? Well, I think I am becoming the crazy indoor plant lady.Today, I am sharing a super cheap and easy way to beautify ugly, plastic pots sewing or skill required. It started out innocently enough. My husband was at the hardware store (or as my three-year-old refers to as the Hogware store). He called  to ask if there was anything I needed. My husband is certainly well-trained, because I always have some obscure request. This time,…

cheap diy table centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece Using Upcycled Thrift Swag

Today I wanted to share a simple and cheap centerpiece tutorial. Given the weekend I had,  I was definitely in the mood for cheap and easy. You see, this weekend was quite the  shit show. In the midst of a mudroom remodel and  complete deck and fence demo/build ( a $30,000 surprise),  we found out our pool has rusted through ...basically beyond repair because the genius who installed it back-filled it with dirt and left metal debris against the walls of…

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

DIY Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand with Wood Legs

One of my goals for the new year is to incorporate more greenery into my home decor- not only because plants have air-purifying properties, but  because Pantone has declared green to be the color of 2017. I am super excited to share this mid-century modern plant stand I made for around $10.... 1/10th of what most retailers will charge you (ahem West Elm!). I had never given much thought to plant stands until my husband brought home a Bird of Paradise (  Move over fiddle…

diy large wall art for cheap

DIY: Oversized Wall Art for $50

There is nothing like oversized, canvas art to make your home look refined and cultured. While I often say the bigger the better (mainly referring to my hair, jewelry or decor-not my gut), the larger the art...the larger the price tag. But with a little inspiration from House of Jade Interiors, I was able to make this large, Indigo art for $50. . *This post contains affiliate links. That simply means if you click on one of the links and buy…

diy brush stroke lamp

DIY Brushstroke Lamp

I admit, I can be a bit crazy at times. You see, I have a serial re-decorating condition where I am constantly changing the decor in my home. My  condition has left me with plenty of left-over decor including lamps, vases and plenty of pillows (just ask my husband). Recently inspired by a Bunny Williams lamp, I decided to make use of a neglected one- just rotting away in my garage. Today I am sharing a tutorial for this DIY…

foyer gallery wall

Beginner’s Guide: Gallery Wall on a Budget

For the longest time, I have wanted to display a gallery wall in the hallway of my home. I love the idea of displaying a little piece of my family's story for all of our guests to see. Unfortunately, I knew the cost of frames and prints would add up quickly,  considering a single frame can cost up to $50. Not to mention, the thought of a project requiring so many measurements and precision overwhelmed me. Well folks, I finally…

diy shibori wall art

DIY Shibori Wall Art in Under 5 Minutes – Lesson on Authenticity

In case you haven't noticed from my recent posts, Shibori has become my latest obsession. And I am totally letting myself indulge. You see, I recently turned the big 3-0. And with such a milestone birthday, I made a promise to myself to embrace my true being....all of the quirky elements of my character that make me me.  One of those nuances just happens to be an inner free spirit/ reformed wild child. But as I became a mother, I tried…

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