No Sew Wall Hanging Under $10 – DIY

March 21, 2017

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

At times, I must admit that my inability to sew makes me feel like a DIY phony. But when I find short-cuts (ways to avoid sewing), I can’t help but get a little giddy…like I am somehow cheating the system.

Today I feel like a real damn rebel, because I am going to show you how I made this woven wall hanging without sewing. What is even better…I made it for under $10 (take that Urban Outfitters).

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

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diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

It all started when I found this table runner at Ross for just $6.  I really wanted it to work in my dining room, but it clashed with my blue and white geometric rug and my OCD brain could not take all of the busy-ness. I vowed not to let it go to waste.

Then one day I walked by an existing wall hanging in my home, and a light bulb went off…reverse engineer that baby!

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

First, I measured the width of the table runner, so I knew how short to cut my dowel rod. Then , I cut the dowel rod with a mitre saw.

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

I also decided on the desired length of my wall hanging and cut the table runner, with scissors, accordingly.  I then draped my table runner over the dowel rod and tied jute string to each end of the dowel rod.

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

Flipping the table runner over, I hot glued the overlapping fabric to the back of the table runner fabric. This is how the dowel rod will stay in place.

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

After the basic structure of the wall hanging was in place, I wanted to add a little pizazz. So, I hot-glued this fringe trim (which I purchased from Hobby Lobby), to the bottom of the tapestry.

If owls or cutesy is not your thing, you can stop here. But I have a little bit of a kitschy side sometimes, and I had this adorable, woven owl that I had purchased while thrifting a while back.  I wanted to make use of this little guy, so I hot glued him onto the table runner, and I love how he added  texture and interest to the piece.


diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

Once again, I have dodged the task of sewing.

Now get out there and design some good vibes.

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diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

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    1. You are so freaking talented it is ridiculous. I would not worry about sewing since you come up cool alternatives that everyone can do. This looks great and I love the tassels you used!

      1. Aww, my gorgeous friend…thanks for always being so kind. Yeah…somehow I keep managing to dodge the task of sewing.

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