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24 Easy and Creative DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

24 Easy and Creative DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

If you are looking for unique and affordable ways to display plants, you have come to the right place! Today, I am sharing 24 of the best DIY succulent planter ideas…

Spring has most certainly sprung (hello annoying AF allergies) and what better way to celebrate warmer, sunnier days than with some greenery?!

While it may still be a little too chilly to go out to your local nursery and buy new plants for your outdoor garden (at least it is in my neck of the woods), it’s never too early to begin strategizing and potentially DIY-ing your pot and planter inventory.

What I particularly love about decorating with succulents is their compact size and captivating shape, which translates just as beautifully inside the home as it does outside on a porch or patio.

image of a potted succulent with text overlay

Even better? You don’t have to have a green thumb to successfully maintain succulents!

Just as long as your plant has plenty of sun and good drainage, your succulents can thrive with minimal effort in a dry, warm environment (think indoors near a window or on a covered porch).

If you want greenery that exudes a more modern look and requires less attention than a typical pot of flowers, succulents are the way to go, my friend.

So without any further blabbering, directly below, I am now going to share with you 24 creative, DIY ways to display them…

1. Gallery Wall of Terracotta Pots-

white modern farmhouse exterior with succulents in terracotta pots

Here on my front porch, I wanted to make the exterior of my home look a little more welcoming year-round. Because I live in southeastern Tennessee, with a plant hardiness zone of 7b-8a, real succulents would not have survived through the winter. So …I decided to use faux succulents for this DIY succulent planter wall.

Utilizing some small terra cotta pots and wall planter hangers, I spruced up my home’s curb appeal for under just $50.

Tip: To add more interest to the gallery wall, I opted for various types of succulents with different colors. Artificial air plants would have worked well for this project too. At any rate, invest a little extra in quality greenery so that your plants look convincingly real.

2. DIY Fabric Pot Cover-

close up image of  diy fabric planter with succulent in it

If you love stupid, simple DIY projects, I think you will love this no-sew boho pot cover that I made from Shibori fabric scraps which I had left over from another endeavor. In less than 20 minutes, I was able to “zhuzh up” a basic, plastic plant container.

Tip: If bright colors are not your vibe, you can always opt for more muted fabric like linen or Mudcloth.

3. Faux Aged Copper Succulent Planter-

arrangement of succulents in a diy copper planter on a table
Where the Smiles Have Been

I don’t know about you, but I love me a good patina. Unfortunately, oxidized copper planters can be hard (not to mention expensive) to come by. Thank goodness Where the Smiles Have Been shows us how to fake the look for a fraction of the price.

Using a plastic bowl, copper spray paint and a special patina product, she crafted a beautiful planter bowl- perfect for those succulent lovers looking to up their table styling game.

4. Fake Succulent Wall Hanging-

woman hanging a diy succulent planter on wall
Making Manzanita

Does a boring, blank wall have you stumped? Follow Making Manzanita’s lead by re-creating this fabulous hanging planter. Using a wooden frame, foam, moss and a variety of faux, small succulents, you too can create the look of an indoor succulent garden without actually having to tend to a live one.

5. Pegboard Plant Wall-

diy plant wall with  pots of succulents and cactus made from peg board
Charleston Crafted

If you love the look of a live wall but don’t want to put a bunch of holes on your walls, this DIY pegboard planter by Charleston Crafted is a great way to display your favorite succulents without the commitment of fixed screws and brackets.

6. Upcycled Box as a Succulent Planter-

up-cycled wood box with colorful succulents in it
Where the Smiles Have Been

In search of clever display ideas for succulent arrangements? Up-cycling an old wooden box with some spray paint , Where the Smiles Have Been crafted her own affordable centerpiece arrangement with a gorgeous variety of live, colorful succulents. How is that for a unique planter idea?!

Tip: To prevent root rot, she first drilled drainage holes into the bottom of the succulent container. She then used small pebbles and succulent soil (often labeled as cactus soil) to ensure the health of her plants.

7. Thrifted Whiteboard Turned Garden-

whiteboard transformed into a diy planter that holds succulents
Sustain My Craft Habit

Who knew that a thrift store whiteboard, a decorative napkin, Mod Podge and some succulents could somehow come together to form something not only beautiful but functional? I love how Sustain My Craft Habit took this unique planter even further with inspirational labels.

8. Indoor Succulent Planter with Visual Impact-

terra cotta pots full of succulents on wall of midcentury modern dining room
Charleston Crafted

Do you want to make a major design statement with your succulents? You need to check out Charleston Crafted’s DIY tutorial for making this fabulous indoor live wall.

Tip: When shopping for your new succulents, be sure to choose only small, short sizes so that they aren’t too top-heavy for the wall-mounted pots.

9. Wine Corker Planters-

diy succulent planters made from wine corks
Artsy Pretty Plants

If you are a wino like me, you probably have plenty of unused wine corks laying around your house. Why not put them to good use like Artsy Pretty Plants did with these precious wine cork planters?

Using succulent clippings, potting soil and Bonsai Jack mix, she gave these as party favors at her wedding. How freakin’ cute?!

10. DIY Driftwood Succulent Centerpiece-

succulents planted in a piece of driftwood
Postcards from the Ridge

If you are in search of beautiful planters that can double as a centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table, Postcards from the Ridge has got you covered with this unique succulent planter.

Using a piece of driftwood, she filled the wood with soil, moss and different varieties of small succulent plants. To prevent excess water from accumulating, she was sure to first drill holes into the wood. I am obsessed with how it all turned out!

11. Hanging Soda Can Planters-

diy hanging succulent planters made from tin cans and painted
Pillar Box Blue

Instead of simply hauling your tin cans off to a landfill, you could repurpose them into something both beautiful and functional like Pillar Blox Blue did with these super cute planters.

Wrapping the old cans in paper napkins using decoupage and an acrylic top coat, these easy DIY planters just goes to show that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

12. Stone Shaped Cement Planter-

succulent centerpiece made from cement stone
Artsy Pretty Plants

While this precious stone planter is a beautiful and unique alternative to simply using a small pot for your succulents, it actually isn’t a stone at all. Yes…you heard me right!

Using rapid setting cement and nylon tights, Artsy Pretty Plants made this gorgeously unique succulent planter which I think would serve as a great hostess gift. I love how the decorative rocks add another layer of thoughtful detail to the piece.

13. Shadow Box Wall Planter-

succulent wall planter made from a picture frame
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Add texture and interest to your walls with this creative DIY wall planter from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Using an old picture frame, scrap wood, chicken wire and a variety of succulent cuttings, your live plants can conveniently double as art for your porch or patio.

14. Mini Succulent Pots-

diy modern pots with geometric shape pattern and succulents planted inside
DIY Candy

To add a bit of modern flare to your basic mini terracotta pots, DIY Candy has a great tutorial for the stylish, textured pots pictured above.

Transforming dollar store pots with some hot glue and twine, the geometric designs are then achieved with the help of some craft paint. Who knew dollar store scores could look so freakin’ good?!

15. Hanging Wall Planter from Galvanized Bucket-

galvanized. bucket used a planter for faux succulents
Our Crafty Mom

If you are a farmhouse fanatic with a brown thumb, you are going to love Our Crafty Mom’s DIY wall planter hack. Repurposing a galvanized steel bucket, she attached a variety of artificial succulent stems and moss to a foam block for a deceptively realistic indoor succulent garden.

16. Succulent Terrarium for Lazy Gardeners-

diy succulent terrarium sitting on marble table
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Another great DIY planter idea for my friends who hate gardening, can you believe this decorative, faux succulent terrarium was made from nothing more than craft paint and embroidery hoops? How freaking clever is that?!

17. Live Edge Wood Planter-

succulent centerpiece planter made from a piece of wood
Bloom in the Black

If you need to subtly liven up a room but don’t have much space to spare, this gorgeous DIY raw wood succulent planter from Bloom in the Black is the perfect touch of mother nature you’ve been craving.

Even better? It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and go on a scavenger hunt (to find your wood slice for the project).

18. Succulent Plant Wall from Wood Pallets-

diy succulent planter wall
Our Crafty Mom

If you have some spare wood pallets and an old picture frame laying around your house just taking up space, why not put your unused junk to good use? Our Crafty Mom shares a super helpful tutorial for recreating this indoor plant wall from faux succulents and the aforementioned supplies.

19. Coastal Inspired Succulent Bowl-

succulents placed in glass with decorative sand
A Happy Home in Holland

Perfect for any coastal lover’s decor scheme, A Happy Home in Holland thoughtfully repurposes a glass votive into a decorative succulent planter by incorporating decorative stones, sand, shells and rope. This would be so charming on a patio table as a centerpiece for summer soirees.

20. Square Succulent Wreath-

diy wreath made of succulents and moss used as a centerpiece
A Life Unfolding

While succulents may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of door wreath greenery, A Life Unfolding proves just how beautiful of a wreath material they truly are. While you can use faux succulents to replicate this look, real ones were used in the DIY wreath photographed above.

21. Painted Miniature Succulent Pots-

miniature succulent in a white painted pot

If you want to give a grouping of small, basic succulent pots a little more character or meaning, follow Songbird’s lead and paint numbers or letters onto white-painted terracotta pots. Once you have lined up all of your pots, the sequence of ordered numbers or letters creates a playful, decorative theme.

22. Repurposed Succulent Garden Chair-

succulents planted outside in an antique chair
Birdz of a Feather

If you want to create visual interest in your garden, variations in color and height always do the trick. If height is what you need from your succulents, take a cue from Birdz of a Feather and give them a lift by planting them in an up-cycled chair which doubles as a plant stand.

23. Easy Modern Terrarium-

terrarium with succulents planted inside sitting on wood shelf
Making Joy and Pretty Things

Craving the colorful, sculptural appeal of real succulents but short on time or patience? Making Joy and Pretty Things has a super simple tutorial for how to make your own faux succulent terrarium (great for all you black thumbs out there).

24. Mushroom Shaped Succulent Planter-

diy succulent planter in a garden outside that is shaped like a mushroom
A Crafty Mix

Want to add a little magic and whimsy to your garden? This adorable mushroom-shaped succulent planter by A Crafty Mix will do just that. Utilizing a clever combination of materials, this is such a creative spin on succulent gardening.

Coming to the end of this list, I hope some of these planter ideas have left you inspired and ready to celebrate sunnier, warmer days.

If you are not much of a seasonal decorator but feel the urge to freshen up your vibe (I can totally relate), you really can’t go wrong with a new succulent plant or display.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me this week!

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Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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