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10 Most Charming Outdoor Entryway Decorating Ideas

10 Most Charming Outdoor Entryway Decorating Ideas

Need to spruce up your front porch this spring? Today, I am sharing 10 charming ways to decorate your outdoor entryway for the warmer months…

It never ceases to amaze me just how incredibly trashed- the-eff-out my front porch can get over the course of just a few months.

Between the excessive rainfall of winter and the never-ending pollen invasion that is spring, all of the decor pieces that once made my outdoor entry feel charming and welcoming, begin to look downright raggedy AF.

While some items will be salvageable after a good ol’ fashion clean, much to my dismay, there are a few things I will need to totally replace (including a bench that my seven-year-old crashed into and demolished while speeding on his scooter the other day).

Now I get the feeling I am not the only one in need of a porch decor revamp right now, so below I thought I would share some outdoor styling inspiration with you…

1. Asymmetrical Entry Styling-

front porch with green painted door decorated with a pot of plants and rug
My Front Entryway with Door Painted in Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain

So I must admit that the exterior of my home does not currently look this festive nor is the door color still this hue of green, but once I have time to get my sh*t together and replace the broken bench (among a few other things) , it will hopefully look even better than it did in this photo and, at that point, I will reveal the new door color to you.

Nonetheless, at the time that this was photographed, I was doing my best to only use decor that I already owned. Having just moved into my lake cottage, furnishing the interior of my home ate up all of my curb appeal budget and as a result, I had to get thrifty with my front porch. While I am a fan of symmetry, given that I did not own two matching planter pots, I decided to go ahead and run with a completely asymmetrical layout.

Making use of an extra bench and steel planter I already owned, to establish a bit of balance, I placed a galvanized steel watering can and matching wall planters on the opposite side of the snake plant pot. See how having the same metallic material on both sides of the door allows for some basic cohesion?

2. House Numbers That Serve as Decor-

white and grey home exterior with black address numbers by front door entry
Mindy Gayer Design

If your small front door stoop doesn’t allow for a whole lot of decor space, just as with decorating the interior of your home, you’ve got to utilize your vertical real estate (yes…even when designing your exterior).

In addition to the impeccable landscaping and paint color selection of this gorgeous front elevation designed by Mindy Gayer, the stylish black light fixtures and house numbers make this home feel a bit more modern while still very much inviting.

3. Sconces and Planters with Major Impact-

modern farmhouse porch with wooden front door and copper planters
Joanna Gaines

If ever in doubt, always go bigger…at least when it comes to your lighting and planters that is!

Not convinced that bigger is better? Simply take a look at this breathtaking bungalow designed by Joanna Gaines.While you can somewhat infer from the photo that this home is most likely modest in square footage, the impactful size and symmetry of the decor used here makes the entrance appear more grand and elevated than if only smaller, less substantial pieces had been used.

4. Woven Materials for Texture and Dimension-

front porch of a house with dark and modern exterior
Nadine Stay

While black exteriors are quickly becoming one of my favorite recent home trends, the look can easily lean austere if not thoughtfully styled. As for this gorgeous, moody abode, Nadine Stay does an incredible job of styling her front porch to look more warm and welcoming.

Utilizing texture for not only warmth but dimension, woven planters and rugs are a great choice for any homeowner who feels their front elevation is falling a little flat or stark.

5. Potted Trees That Provide Privacy-

white house with grey front door and concrete planters on each side of the door
Mindy Gayer Design

If you value your privacy more than the natural light provided by door sidelites, take a tip from Mindy Gayer Design and place potted trees in front of the glass panels. Not only are you adding some drama and grandiosity with the height of your greenery, you are obscuring the view of peeping Toms and nosy neighbors. I consider this a win win!

6. Minimalist Wreath for Modern Character-

Studio McGee

If your modern, black and white abode is feeling too stark and uninviting, a minimalist wreath made of simple eucalyptus or magnolia will provide instant character and charm.

Tip: For added whimsy and dimension, neutral ribbon is the perfect touch.

7. A Timeless Concept With a Modern Twist-

modern porch swing next to wooden front door of a white house
Plank and Pillow

Whether you lean contemporary or traditional with your aesthetic, if you have the space, you really can’t go wrong with a porch swing included in your outdoor entryway layout.

Not only functional but welcoming, I absolutely love the modern twist Plank and Pillow added to this timeless concept by incorporating a swing with clean lines and a dark paint color. By mixing sleek lines (the black planter and swing) with more classic pieces (like the aged terra cotta), a rich, layered look is created.

8. Distressed Terra Cotta Pots in a Grouping of Three-

front porch decorated with door mat and terra cotta pots with flower
Studio McGee

While Studio McGee could have certainly gone with a straightforward, symmetrical look on this classy AF door stoop, I love this more casual, playful approach of staggering various-sized flower planter pots- ultimately forming a grouping of three. What can I say?…..The “rule of thirds” will never let you down!

9. Bold Pattern with Layered Rugs-

black front door with wreath and black lanterns and flowers beside it
Raising 3 Foodies

I am such a sucker for a good, graphic black and white print so, naturally, I am absolutely obsessed with this porch styling by Raising 3 Foodies. Layered rugs, potted hydrangeas, black lanterns and an understated wreath check off all of the boxes on my curb appeal check list.

10. Ferns For Any Design Preference-

small front porch with ferns and a rattan chair
Elyse McCurdy Home Designs

While it’s easy to write-off ferns as a nothing more than a boring plant used by grandmas, to the contrary, ferns are actually a classic staple for summer porch decorating that can lean modern or traditional- all just depending on the planter you place them in. This bada$$ exterior by Elyse McCurdy just goes to show that ferns are not just for grannies. In the right context, they can be oh so hip and fabulous!

I hope these aspirational images and tips have left you feeling more equipped to tackle your outdoor entryway this weekend!

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Now get out there and design some vibes along with a fabulous life!



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