DIY Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand with Wood Legs

January 24, 2017

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

One of my goals for the new year is to incorporate more greenery into my home decor- not only because plants have air-purifying properties, but  because Pantone has declared green to be the color of 2017. I am super excited to share this mid-century modern plant stand I made for around $10…. 1/10th of what most retailers will charge you (ahem West Elm!).

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

I had never given much thought to plant stands until my husband brought home a Bird of Paradise (  Move over fiddle leaf figs! This is the new it plant.).

You see, I had requested a tall, skinny plant to go in our dining room, and my sweet hubby came back with a little infant of a plant. To provide aesthetically pleasing scale and proportion for the space,  I knew I would need to add some height to the plant.

So, I started shopping around for  plant stands, and fell head-over-heels in love with mid-century modern plant stands. However, I was pretty repulsed at what they were listed for (around $150 per stand). So, I asked my husband if he could build one, and my knight in shining armor did not disappoint.  Here is how we did it.

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

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Modern Wood Plant Stand Materials:

  • legs – 3/4” x 3/4” oak dowel square, 36” length
  • “x” brace- 1”x4” common board
  • Pocket Hole Jig (we used this one)
  • Wood Stain (I used this one)
  • For Dip-Dye Effect- White Spray Paint (I used this kind) and Painter’s Tape
  • (glass of wine is optional)


diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

  1. Cut Common Board to desired width (we determined all of our dimensions based on the selected pot/planter). Therefore, I suggest having a pot to work with before you begin this project.
  2. Form “x” (pictured below) using either dowel or 1/2 lap joint method. The “x” is where the pot will sit.

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

3.  Determine desired height of plant off ground (we wanted ours to be pretty tall). Then,  cut legs to desired height.

4. Mark legs and attach to “x” using Kreg jig.


modern wooden plant stand diy

5.Once the use of power tools is complete, go ahead a pour a glass of wine. Now,  apply wood stain and let dry for an hour.

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

6. Measure where you want to place dip-dye effect and tape off dip-dye sections with painter’s tape. Then carefully apply white spray paint within tape border.(do light and even coats)

7. Let dry for an hour or so and then remove tape. Voila! You have a super groovy plant stand.

diy mid-century modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

So happy I was able to avoid getting suckered into buying this wooden plant stand for almost $200. Ours was around $10 (note:I already had spray paint and stain).

Please be sure to spread the love and Pin…..

diy midcentury modern plant stand with wood dip-dye legs

And here is a little sneak peak of my bedroom progress after a fresh coat of paint, new pillow and bamboo shades…..

boho glam bedroom

I am still waiting on drapes and a few more details, but I plan on doing the big reveal, with sources listed, next week.

Until then, get out there and design some good vibes!

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    1. Great idea! It’s so pretty! I love that you painted the legs too…. you’re so good at putting your personal touch on everything! Omg, and wine optional… hahahaha!

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