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Transforming My Bathroom Vanity With Gel Stain

Transforming My Bathroom Vanity With Gel Stain

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With outdated hardware and a yellow-ish finish, all of my bathroom vanities needed a makeover.Seeing what an ordeal it was to paint my kitchen cabinets with oil paint, however, I was looking for an easy way out.Thank goodness I stumbled upon a new product called gel stain( here is the one I used).

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After some intensive research and a few tutorials, I decided I would take the leap and try the  gel stain. So glad I did. The application was super easy and after two years, the product has not even one scratch.

Here is what the vanity looked like before the gel stain application.

gel stain vanity diy

Here is the vanity after 3 coats of  Java Gel Stain
and some new chrome hardware.

gel stain bathroom vanity

The color I went with, Java, deceptively appears as black in these photos. However, it is more like a super dark wood finish.


Materials Needed


How I Gel Stained My Vanity

1. Remove existing hardware and tape off your working area.

2. If desired, remove doors and drawers. I took the lazy way out and omitted this step.

3. Lightly sand your surface with sandpaper. The beauty of  gel stain is that you don’t have to make a big to-do of this step.

4. Put latex glove on your working hand (hand you want to apply stain with). Then, place sock over your latex glove and start applying your  stain. I know it sounds weird, but application of the stain with old socks is really the easiest way I found. Because the stain will bleed through your sock, latex glove is necessary to avoid getting stain on your hand.

5. Don’t freak out after your first or second coats! It will look ugly AF at first. Here is how mine looked after the second coat. Also, be sure to let each coat dry completely between application.

IMG_20150307_095204988_HDR (1)

6. Use small foam brush for touch ups or hard to reach areas.

8. After you are happy with the finish, let dry overnight. Then apply wipe on polyurethane. It is best to apply 2-3 coats. I only applied one coat and I still havent had any dings or scratches.

9. Re-install hardware and enjoy your new vanity!!!

Here is the finished product.
gel stain bathroom vanity

Like I said, I would highly recommend this particular gel stain and no one is paying me to say so. I found it so much easier than using actual paint.

In fact, I have found gel stain to be so durable, I even applied it on my front exterior doors which you can read all about in this tutorial.

Update 6-8-2018: My gel stain cabinets are still holding up beautifully, but I also recently discovered a cutting-edge paint product that I used to paint my kitchen cabinets with- by the same company- (and no…I am not being paid to endorse this product). To read my hack for painting your cabinets or bathroom vanity the easiest way possible, click here to read the post.  This type of paint is particularly useful if you cannot find the gel stain in your desired color or if you need a product that will go over cabinets that have already been painted . Good luck, babes!

Now get out there and design some good vibes !!!

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