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Transforming My Dining Room

Transforming My Dining Room

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In terms of design, the dining room has been one of the biggest challenges. I tweak and tweak, and something always seems off. As of lately,  I think I am finally getting closer to a finished product and praise the Lord for this revelation!

Lets take a look at the original state of the room when we purchased the home.


Beautiful wallpaper and hunter green paint below the chair railing with a stunning textured ceiling. . Im sure she was a beauty in the nineties.

diy cheap dining room makeover

Fast forward to 2015. Yes, I realize I am missing a candle on one of my sconces. Welcome to life with kids, folks! Can’t have anything. Being pregnant, I decided to proceed and really forgot all about that missing candle. Hey, it adds character. Right?

Just a warning….if you are looking for Martha Stewart type perfection, you have come to the wrong site. No nitpicking here!

dining room-19

Moving along. We painted the walls and trim, replaced the light fixtures and covered the textured ceiling with beadboard. We (meaning my husband) also installed molding. To read how we covered the ceilings with beadboard planks, read my tutorial here.

dining room-18

metal dining chairs

The vibe for the dining room was initially formal and contemporary. I had nice, matching upholstered chairs for every seat at the table.

Then, I got knocked up and had a baby boy. Reality set in…white upholstery is not such a great idea with crumb snatchers present. So, I decided to switch out some of the upholstered chairs for the vintage metal chairs. That way I didn’t have to worry about grimy little handprints on the kids’ designated chairs.

This dining room has many coastal elements but also rustic accents and earthy textures. Hell, I even decided to throw in some Art Deco with the mirrored console table.

I am torn over my love of all things coastal – I don’t want to come across as too themey and also would like to stay true to my surroundings. Unfortunately, I do not live near the ocean. This is where my love for rustic elements comes in handy.

mirrored furniture

I am a crazy contradiction of rustic and glam…coastal and rustic. I try to blend the elements as best as I can.

rustic modern dining room

mother of pearl lamps

transitional decor interior design

Bottom lines is that I don’t worry about the technicalities of interior design.  To hell with the rules. This is my canvas and I will paint it as I freakin’ please.

transitional dining room

Don’t you dare tell me I cannot mix reclaimed wood with Deco, mirrored decor.


Light Fixture – West Elm Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz, White
Table – Rooms to Go
Mother of Pearl Lamps – Ross
Silver Lamp- Homegoods
Mirror- Homegoods
Curtains- Homegoods
Rug- Target
Sconces- Hobby Lobby
Wall Paint- Sherwin Williams Passive
Mirrored Console Table – Homegoods
Mother of Pearl Vase – Homegoods


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