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Easy Marbled Christmas Ornament DIY

Easy Marbled Christmas Ornament DIY

Looking for a super easy and cheap take on Christmas ornaments? Well have I got a fun, holiday craft for you with these DIY marbled indigo ornaments.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch the video tutorial as well!

Not only are they fun to make, they are great as DIY Christmas gifts to give to friends and party hosts.
easy marble christmas ornament diy

Remember when I shared my take on the Alice and Louis marbled easter eggs? Well I applied the same concept to these plain, white Christmas ornaments. So , unfortunately I cannot take full credit for this awesome tutorial. I am just an uninspired, copy cat on this one, folks.

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Materials Needed for DIY Christmas ORNAMENTS:

diy indigo ornament

marble christmas ornament diy

First I placed the ornament hook on my ornament.

Then,  I filled my disposable baking pan with warm water. (1/3 of the way full.)

diy marble christmas ornament

In my opinion warm water is a crucial component to the success of this marbling effect. It seems with cold water, the nail polish drops to the bottom of the pan too quickly.

Pour your nail polish into the water (there is no precise amount.). You want to see a filmy texture on the surface of the water. Now,  dip your ornament and swirl it through the nail polish film.  That is basically it, folks.

diy marble indigo ornament

As I finished with each ornament, I hung them to dry on a hanger. This was just to make sure the nail polish did not smear off before it had time to dry.

diy marble indio ornament

And I am so happy with how these little guys turned out.

diy marbled christmas ornament

Just a little warning about the nail polish fumes. The smell wasn’t horrible, but definitely noticeable… just something to keep in mind before beginning your project.

Here are some ornaments I marbled with black nail polish for a more modern farmhouse vibe…

diy marble christmas ornaments
For this particular design, I used slightly bigger ornaments.
diy christmas ornaments marbled with nail polish

**Update November 2018: To better serve my readers, I recently shot a video tutorial of this entire DIY process which you can view directly below…**

Marble Ornament Video Tutorial

easy marble christmas ornament diy

Just a little heads up to my loyal readers that I may be taking a holiday break for a week or two. My 2-year-old will be out of Mother’s Day out for the next few weeks, and I will have my hands full.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas full of love and laughter.

Now get out there and design some good vibes. Please also be sure to spread the love and Pin.

diy marble christmas ornament . great as a gift.

And a special thanks to Alice and Louis for all the inspiration.  You guys have got to check out their blog.

easy diy marble ornaments tutorial

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Much Love,

Erica xoxo



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