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10 Best DIY Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing Ideas

10 Best DIY Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing Ideas

Longing for the look of stylish new countertops without the hefty price tag that comes along with them? Today I am sharing 10 DIY countertop resurfacing hacks to consider for your budget-friendly kitchen remodel…

Hate your ugly, old laminate countertops? Well I totally feel your pain, my friend!

With the insane cost of natural stone like marble and quartzite completely out of budget, I know how hopeless the design situation can feel at times(I am actually in the same boat with the dated granite counters in my kitchen).

While there are some clever decorating hacks to make the look of old countertops at least a bit more bearable, sometimes you just need to overhaul that sh*t completely!

diy kitchen countertop makeovers with resurfacing kits

Thanks to rapid advances in the home improvement market, we DIY-ers now have a plethora of countertop resurfacing products to choose from.

Directly below, I am sharing all of the various DIY methods you can use to makeover your kitchen countertop surface. With that being said, be aware that many of these solutions are only intended for short-term use.

1. Epoxy Paint Resurfacing Kit –

diy countertop resurfacing with epoxy kit

My first foray into countertop resurfacing was back at my 1980’s fixer upper when I painted the dated, cultured marble on my bathroom vanity. Using some painter’s tape, a paint brush and an epoxy countertop kit, I gave the once dingy space a whole new look with a solid white finish.

Much to my delight, this resurfacing technique held up beautifully (two full years) until I was able to replace the surface with new quartz counters.

Tip: While this countertop paint proved quite durable, it was definitely not low voc!If you plan to attempt this DIY project yourself, be sure to choose a day when you can open the windows in your home for proper ventilation.

2. Gel Stain Applied to Wood Counters-

easy diy kitchen countertop resurfacing hacks

If you want to give your existing wood countertops a more modern feel, black gel stain is a great option.

When I built the DIY countertops for my outdoor kitchen, I lusted for a soapstone vibe. Much to my dismay, I only had a butcher block budget to work with.

Nonetheless, using a paint brush, stain and a waterproof top coat, I was able to refinish the wood counter and achieve the sort of vibe I was going for, for only a fraction of the cost.  

3. Countertop Makeover with Contact Paper-

resurfacing kitchen countertop with contact paper diy
Basic Home DIY

If you don’t love the look of your dated laminate or granite countertops, you can always cover them up with faux marble contact paper like Basic Home DIY did here.

Utilizing self adhering peel and stick waterproof contact paper, you can rest assured knowing this resurfacing method will hold up around wet areas like the kitchen sink.

Tip: To prevent air bubbles from forming , you will need to apply a quality smoothing tool to the entire surface at the time of installation.

4. Painting Laminate Countertops to Look Like Stone-

how to resurface laminate countertops
Rain on a Tin Roof

These beautiful faux soapstone counters by Rain on a Tin Roof are probably one of my favorite affordable DIY countertop ideas ever!

While it may be hard to believe that these are only laminate, the DIY blogger pulled off a convincing resurfacing job by distressing and painting the entire countertop.

Why replace your kitchen counters when you can duplicate this sort of trickery yourself?

5. Concrete Overlay on Outdated Countertops-

diy countertop resurfacing with concrete
A Beautiful Mess

If you are looking to modernize dated formica countertops on a budget, you may want to try this fabulous DIY tutorial by A Beautiful Mess. For the cost of a bag of Ardex Feather Finish concrete, an orbital sander and a putty knife, you can create the illusion of entirely new counters -all with an industrial, modern edge.

Tip: To ensure the life of your concrete overlay, you will need to protect the finish with a waterproof concrete sealer.

6. Food-Safe Varnish on Butcher Block-

resurfacing kitchen countertops with paint diy
Pillar Box Blue

If your butcher block counters have seen better days, or perhaps you simply don’t like their color, you can refinish them with a food-safe, colored varnish like Pillar Blox Blue did. While most countertop kits are limited in available hues and finishes, the particular line of paint used here is available in many different colors.

7. Faux Granite with Textured Spray Paint-

diy kitchen countertop resurfacing with spray paint ideas
A Girl And a Kiwi

If you want to elevate the look of your kitchen with a granite meets concrete effect (for under $20 might I add), head over to check out this DIY countertop resurfacing tutorial from A Girl and a Kiwi.

To achieve this faux granite surface, the clever DIY-er painted over her existing countertops with a stone textured spray paint. To ensure longevity and durability, she then applied a clear topcoat made from epoxy.

8. Renter-Friendly Counter Resurfacing-

diy countertop resurfacing ideas for kitchen
B4 and Afters

In case you are curious just how truly removable peel and stick contact paper is, B4 and Afters blog post demonstrates how easy it is to remove the self-adhering countertop coating using Goo Gone. As far as renter-friendly makeovers, this approach seems to be the perfect solution for countertop resurfacing.

9. Matte Stone Appearance with Chalkboard Paint-

resurfacing laminate countertops diy
Wildfire Interiors

If you are loving the matte stone trend gaining popularity in kitchens around the globe, you are going to love this DIY countertop makeover by Wildfire Interiors. Using nothing more than some chalkboard paint and sealer, the once ugly laminate countertops were beautifully transformed.

I absolutely love the dramatic pop of the black counter paired with the white cabinets!

10. Spreadstone Refinishing Kit-

kitchen counter refinishing ideas
The Fashionable Housewife

If you are super particular about tactile matters, you may want to follow the Fashionable Housewife’s example-giving the Daich SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit a try.

Unlike most resurfacing kits, this three-step system is made from real stone! You would never guess these beautiful kitchen counters were laminate!

diy kitchen countertop makeover ideas

So now that you have made it all the way through this roundup of mine, I hope are feeling a greater sense of empowerment around your ugly countertop dilemma.

Sure…a new slab of marble would be divine, but some DIY resurfacing hacks can still work wonders for your space.

At the end of the day, there is no need to suffer life with nasty a$$ countertops.

Thank you so much for stopping by this week! It would mean the world to this blog of mine if you could share this post with a friend or on social media…

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diy kitchen counters resurfacing ideas on a budget

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Do you know how well the Matte Stone Appearance with Chalkboard Paint option stands up to wear? It looks like a brilliant idea. Are there some sealers that you can recommend that are more resilient than others? Thank you for your thoughts.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Hi Jan! While I have not attempted the chalkboard method myself, that specific tutorial recommends Polyurethane as a sealer. When I painted my wood countertops, I actually sealed them with a few coats of matte Polycrylic and so good. I hope this helps! :)