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Fall Decor Ideas for the Home that Don’t Involve Pumpkins

Fall Decor Ideas for the Home that Don’t Involve Pumpkins

Wanting to add elevated touches of fall to your home without the clutter of traditional, seasonal decor? Today, I am sharing how to embrace the changing of seasons with a minimalist, modern approach to autumnal decorating- no pumpkins required!

The older I become, the less tolerance I have for bullsh*t…

Whether it be unnecessary drama from people or anxiety- inducing overwhelm from clutter, I find myself leaning more into the peace I find when I am truly aligned with simplicity.

“What does this have to do with fall?”, you may ask. 

minimalist fall decor ideas for the home

Well…in recent years (especially during the move to my new home), I realized just how much seasonal decor was contributing to clutter in my home, and, ultimately, chaos for my psyche.

Being the stereotypical Virgo I am though, once I actually came to this realization and committed to a considerable purge, I experienced such a satisfying rush of exhilaration-all resulting from the newfound sense of control I gained from a simple, organizational overhaul. Who would’ve thought?!

chic and neutral fall home decorating

From there on out, I vowed to find a more sustainable and intentional way to decorate for my favorite freakin season- fall, ya’ll!

So… for any of you fellow minimalists (or recovering hoarders) out there, today I want to share some specific ways you can add that moody, cozy autumnal feel to your existing decorating scheme without cluttering up your home with a bunch of kitschy, season-specific junk.

Listed below are 8 practical tips you can implement while styling your home for the autumnal equinox…

1. Incorporate Earth-Inspired Textiles and Accents-

modern fall decor ideas for the home
The Lifestyled Co.

Unlike blatant fall decor (think anything colored orange or stitched with the letters F-A-L-L), earth-toned textiles are an effective way to give your home that warmth you are craving without being so season specific that you have to completely redecorate your space the minute Halloween is over.

While acquiring these textiles may require an investment up front, if you stick to hues like camel, rust, terracotta, olive, taupe or even brown, such “seasonal” accents will feel appropriate all throughout the colder months. Decor that serves its purpose a full six months versus only a few weeks is always a win in my book!

2. Adorn Your Walls with Dark, Moody Art-

moody minimalist fall decorating ideas

If your home lacks seasonal styling opportunities due to limited shelf or table top space, utilize your vertical real estate! Often overlooked, hanging darker, moodier artwork on your walls will instantly make your home feel cozier- perfect for the fall and winter months!

Tip: If black modern art is too dramatic for your taste, consider a rich-toned landscape or still life painting.

3. Style With Natural Stems-

modern minimal fall decorating ideas
Studio McGee

Before the leaves have changed colors, you may be stumped on what sort of natural branches and floral arrangements to style your home with for fall. Leaning more on the neutral side, my favorite stem selections for the autumn months include: brown magnolia branches, dried pampas stems, terracotta-toned eucalyptus, dried hydrangeas and burgundy baby’s breath.

While it may seem like such a small detail, the greenery you choose to style with can completely alter the vibes of a room.

4. Display Copper in the Kitchen-

neutral fall decorating ideas for kitchen
Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Light and Dwell

Nothing says cozy kitchen like a visible display of copper pots.

Both functional and beautiful to look at, if you don’t have room for a pot rack of this scale, you could always incorporate copper mugs in your open shelving styling or around your beverage station. What can I say? Copper is the official metal of fall, my friends. You heard it first from me!

5. Cozy Up Your Dining Room with a Decorative Throw-

cozy and neutral fall decor inspiration

Unfortunately, formal dining rooms often feel cold, neglected and uninviting.

Why not make your dining area more snug and welcoming for the upcoming colder months with a decorative blanket? Not only do cozy throws provide warmth, they are a great way to introduce more texture into a space.

When decorating your home for fall with a neutral color palette, texture is the name of the game, baby!

6. Consider Fall Produce for Your Fruit Bowl-

moody fall decor ideas for the home
Lisa Staton Design

While there is nothing like a bowl of lemons to liven up a kitchen or breakfast nook, incorporating fall produce into your styling is a thoughtful detail which can be quite impactful for setting an autumnal tone in an otherwise utilitarian space.

My favorite fall fruit bowl fillers include asparagus, pears and acorn squash. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with moss balls- regardless of the season.

7. Layer Lux Fabrics in Your Living Room-

modern neutral fall home decor tips

While summer fabric selections tend to be a bit lighter and more casual in form, fall is the perfect time to layer in richer textures like velvet, wool, fur, kilim and chunky knits. Not only are these lux fabrics warmer in their inherent functionality, the sensual textures visually warm a space as well.

8. Darken Your Window Treatments-

neutral modern fall decor ideas

While white linen drapes are undoubtedly the quintessential window covering for the whole modern organic vibe, they do lean a bit more “summer”.

Back at my all-white 1980’s rancher, in an effort to cozy up my living room for the colder seasons, I would retire my airy, white Ikea curtains (this will require some storage space) for a darker, heavier variety. While this may sound a bit excessive and pricey, with so many fabulous yet affordable window treatment options now available on Amazon, this decorating maneuver was executed for under $100.

As lovely as all white interiors are, when the sun isn’t shining as often as summer months, the vibe can begin to feel stark. Changing the color of your drapes is a whole hell of a lot easier than re-painting an entire room.

minimalist fall decorating for living room

At the end of the day, I want it to be known: I have nothing against pumpkins (pinky promise!).

That being said…sometimes the soul needs change- a momentary break from the traditional way of doing things.

If I accomplished anything in this article today, I hope that I opened you to more simplistic and perhaps often overlooked approaches to seasonal styling.

While fall can be aesthetically interpreted in a variety of ways, I believe the underlying essence of this beautiful season is warmth, sensuality and groundedness. You certainly don’t need a bunch of clutter to achieve this!

Thank you so much for stopping by this week. If you found this post helpful, it would mean so much to me if you could share it with a friend or on social media..

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modern and minimalist fall decor ideas for the home

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Great post Erica! I also find clutter anxiety inducing.and have put a limit "seasonal" decor.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Thank you so much, Nadine. Yeah..seasonal sh*t adds up quickly doesn't it?! Wishing you a happy fall!


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Love these ideas Erica! I still have some pumpkins but refuse to buy any more (and that says a lot since I work at Michael's). I have been buying textured throws this year and moving toward the color eggplant to cozy up the space. I really love that idea about changing out the curtains too.

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

I can't even imagine the temptation, Mary. lol Ooh...eggplant sounds so pretty. I need to try that color out some time. Happy Fall! :)


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Very nice

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Thank you, Karen!