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The 10 Best Black Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 

The 10 Best Black Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 

Considering black paint for your kitchen cabinets? Today, I have rounded up my favorite black paint colors along with some helpful tips..

Nothing exudes sophistication like a fresh coat of black paint.

And while white kitchens have been the rage for what seems like eons, over the past few years, I have noticed the design pendulum swinging back into richer, moodier territory.

most beautiful paint colors for a kitchen with black cabinets

Longing to experiment with dark colors in my own home, several weeks ago I decided to paint the cabinets on my kitchen island black…

painting cabinets black ideas

Not only did I want to ground the island and provide more depth in an otherwise white kitchen, I wanted to make the brown granite countertops (which I absolutely freakin’ loathe) a little more bearable while I acquire the funds for completely new worktops.

best black paint color for kitchen cabinets

Not only did I reason that a classic shade of black would better neutralize the design abomination that is Baltic Brown granite (after all, there are actual flecks of black in the stone), I also knew this hue would play off of my brick fireplace in a more complimentary fashion than the previous greige shade.

kitchen cabinets painted with black paint

While I researched black paint colors for months, I ultimately went with what was most familiar- Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black . Given I have used this shade on my front door and former closet doors with great success, I knew I couldn’t go wrong .

And with that said, let me stop blabbering about and get into my top paint color picks for black kitchen cabinets…

1. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258)-

best black cabinet paint ideas for kitchen

While many black paint colors have the tendency to change in lighting conditions and present various undertones, SW Tricorn Black is a true black paint color. In fact, out of this entire list I consider this formulation to be the blackest black.

With light reflectance value considered, this black color has an LRV of only 3 (LRV is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the whitest white). If you aren’t afraid to make a bold statement and want to steer clear of blue, brown or even green undertones, Tricorn Black is truly a great choice as it is a true neutral reading neither warm nor cool.

2. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069)-

black cabinet paint color ideas for a modern kitchen
The Lifestyled Co.

If you are going for a truly modern look, consider going big and bold like The Lifestyled Co. did here in this stunner of a kitchen with all black cabinets and brass hardware. Oohlala!

Going with a soft black paint color, Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams, is a great choice if you fear a true black will read too stark for your taste. With an LRV of 6, this hue is more like a milky black than a true black.

Having used this color on my living room walls, a room with a lot of natural light, at certain times of day, charcoal and navy blue undertones tend to present. However in darker lighting conditions, Iron Ore reads more like an off-black. Regardless of the lighting conditions, I have never noticed an undertone I didn’t like from this formulation and that is why it is one of my top picks.

3. Benjamin Moore Black Panther (2125-10)-

best black paint color for cabinets
Becki Owens

In the aspirational image above, notice how the rich, black island creates such a gorgeous focal point- contrasting beautifully with the surrounding white and light wood tones. This just goes to show that black doesn’t have to be stark or overwhelming when used thoughtfully.

Here in this dream kitchen (I can’t tell you how much I have drooled over this space), Becki Owens selected the color Black Panther by Benjamin Moore for the dark island cabinetry. While this color is considered a very classic, inky shade of black, with an LRV of 6.51, it is considerably lighter than a true black.

So if you love the timeless look of black but wish for a slightly more reflective effect, Black Panther may be the perfect black paint color for your cabinets.

4. Benjamin Moore Black Beauty (2128-10)-

kitchen island cabinets painted in black beauty by Benjamin Moore
The Lifestyled Co.

Here in the residence of one of my absolute favorite designers, is a beautiful example of how to infuse a white kitchen with warmth and character. For the black island, Kristen Forgione went with the Benjamin Moore color Black Beauty.

While timeless and rich, this shade of black emits a slight warm undertone and is a bit lighter (LRV 5.32) than an absolute black. The masterful incorporation of wood and brass accents in this design keep the white and black kitchen from feeling too drastic.

5. Farrow and Ball Off-Black (No.57)-

off black by farrow and ball paint on kitchen cabinets
Studio McGee

If you love the dramatic depth of Tricorn Black but wish for a slightly softer black hue, you may want to go out and get a sample of Off-Black by Farrow and Ball.

While it is touted as having some of the least blue undertones amongst the Farrow and Ball black formulations, be aware that in certain lighting it can read slightly navy (not that there is anything wrong with that).

6. Benjamin Moore Jet Black (2120-10)-

best black paint colors for cabinets in a kitchen ideas
Bloom in the Black

While Jet Black is one of the darker black cabinet colors included in my roundup, don’t let the name fool you. With an LRV of 4.71, it is lighter than Tricorn Black (LRV 3) and has a hint of blue in its formulation.

While this undertone may not be all that noticeable in darker lighting (see photo above from Bloom in the Black), in brighter light (see photo below), this hue is dynamic- exhibiting more inky blue undertones.

best black paint colors for cabinets and kitchen island
Erin Zubot Design

7. Sherwin Williams Black Magic (SW 6991)-

black kitchen cabinets with white backsplash paint ideas
Studio Mcgee

If you want both drama and warmth, Black Magic is definitely one to consider for your kitchen design.

With an LRV of 3 , it is almost as dark as an absolute black, but feels more inviting thanks to its slight brown undertones. If you want boldness without the blue, this warm black is a great option.

8. Farrow and Ball Railings (No. 31)-

best black paint colors for moody kitchen cabinets

If you want to replicate Athena Calderone’s showstopper of a kitchen (pictured above), I will cut some of the guesswork out for you and share the name of the inky paint color she used- Railings by Farrow and Ball.

Believe it or not, this paint color is actually more of a blue than a black. As you may notice in the image above, whether this color appears more black or more navy depends entirely on light and shadows-making it a good choice for someone weary of the boldness exuded by some of the other popular black paint colors.

9. Benjamin Moore Soot (2129-20)-

modern kitchen with black paint color on cabinets
M House Development

Speaking of blacks that lean blue, if you are looking for a moody hue with cool undertones, you may want to consider BM Soot.

With an LRV of 6.19, it is considered a lighter shade of black that can often take on the appearance of charcoal. I love how M.House Development thoughtfully warmed up this cooler black by incorporating brass hardware and wooden accent cabinets.

10. Benjamin Moore Midnight (2131-20)-

best black paint colors for lower kitchen cabinets or island
Studio McGee

Wanting a lighter shade of black with less of the blue undertones? With an LRV of 6.2, BM Midnight is very similar to Soot but has more green undertones in it. Of course ..if Shea McGee uses this color in her own home, you know I had to include it on the list!

island cabinets painted black in kitchen

So now that I have shared with you some of my personal favorite black cabinet colors, I thought I would wrap this blog post up with some tips for selecting the right black paint for your unique needs.

How To Choose the Best Black Paint for Your Cabinets-

First, I recommend you determine if you want your cabinets to lean cool, warm or neutral. This will really narrow down your long list of potential winners.

After you have determined undertones in your paint samples, I would begin filtering your selections by LRV number. Remember: the lower the number, the less light will be reflecting off of your cabinets.

If you have low lighting in your kitchen, going with the blackest of blacks will eat up what little natural light you do have! As for my unique conditions, I went with a super dark black, with an LRV of only 3, because I have lots of natural light in my kitchen and I did not want any sort of undertones surfacing in all of that natural light.

best black paint colors for cabinets

Once you have narrowed down your list by the criteria above, go to your paint store and request samples in the sheen you plan on using as the finish of your paint will affect how your paint reads!

What sheen should I use on cabinets?

While I prefer a satin sheen myself (this is what I used on my Tricorn Black island pictured above), you can go with a more matte finish like eggshell as well. That being said, I prefer to stay away from high gloss finishes as they are not forgiving of defects in paint application nor the actual cabinetry itself (my cabinets aren’t in the best of shape and I don’t need to highlight that with a sh*t ton of gloss).

If you have been buried in swatches of black paint, I hope you have found more clarity from all of the information I have shared today.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me!

If you found this post helpful, it would mean the world to me if you could share it with a friend or on social media…

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best black paint colors for moody kitchen cabinets

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

black paint color names to use on kitchen cabinets


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Angie Lombardi

Monday 15th of January 2024

Looks soooooo good!!!! Do you have a link for the pendant light shades over your island?

Designing Vibes

Tuesday 16th of January 2024

Thank you so much, Angie! :) Here is the affiliate link to the pendant lights in my kitchen...


Wednesday 10th of January 2024

Love this post. I have a question. What brand and make are the cabinet pulls on your painted black island? Thank you! I love the color and that they have both styles of pull!


Thursday 11th of January 2024

@Designing Vibes, Thank you!!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 10th of January 2024

Hi Cathy! I got the cabinet hardware from Amazon. Here is the affiliate link Hope this helps! :)