How to Paint Over Dingy Grout – DIY Gray Grout

July 7, 2016

how to paint grout

If I ever took the time to devise an inventory of worst home decor ideas ever, I think white floor grout would be close to the top of that list (along with wallpaper and popcorn ceilings). While I love the look of dark gray tiles with contrasting white grout, I know it is a mistake waiting to happen between my dogs, kids and loathing of mops.

how to paint over dingy grout

When I completed the initial walk- through of my fixer upper before purchasing it, I noticed the grout was pretty dingy but I brushed it off believing it just needed a good mopping. Well, I was sadly mistaken. The once white grout between my white tiles had become indelibly yellow. Of course if money was no object, I would have completely removed the grouted tiles and installed hardwood flooring….but my bank account gave a resounding “No!” What a b*#ch.

This is what the once white grout looked like when we moved into our fixer upper…..


how to paint grout

That is when I began researching how to “re-grout” tiles and I somehow came across an ever cheaper and easier solution….painting over dirty grout with a paint specifically designed for grout.

Polyblend Grout Renew

The product is called “Polyblend Grout Renew” and comes in several different colors. Vowing to never voluntarily have white grout on my floors ever again, I went with a medium to dark color gray called “Delorean Gray”. For your convenience I have provided an  affilate link so that you can purchase the product. Polyblend 165 8 oz. Delorean Gray Grout Renew Colorant

First, you need to thoroughly clean and mop your floors. While the directions suggested cleaning the floors multiple times, I vacuumed then mopped once and began painting. Not saying to half-ass it like I did, but my grout paint has held up just fine (and I have almost made it to 2 years).

how to paint over grout


Using a small paint brush, I poured the GroutRenew on a paper plate and began applying the product on the grout. Some people recommend applying with a toothbrush, but I liked the precision and greater control the paint brush allowed.  I am sure you guys are thinking I went horribly over the lines, but I had no choice. Whoever grouted the tile originally, got grout all over the tiles so the lines look horrible. And no, my tiles are not covered in dirty gunk….that is grout caked onto to the crevices of the actual tile itself. You better believe I will demo this floor as soon as I have the money!!!

how to paint over dirty grout

It took only about 2 – 3 hours to complete my entire kitchen and I was able to do it with, at the time, a one year old toddling around. Just be sure to keep a wet rag handy so that you can immediately wipe off any mistakes (I had to do this a few times myself). Also be sure to let the paint dry before walking on the grout (I tip-toed on the tiles until I knew the GroutRenew was dry).

And here is how it has held up for almost 2 years now…..

how to paint grout gray

I am extremely pleased with the product and the application itself was super easy.

And for those of you who arent familiar with my blog, here is a before and after shot of our kitchen.

renovating your first home

Hopefully some of you will find this of use. Its probably the best $30 I have ever spent.

Now get out there and design some good vibes and be sure to spread the love and pin my post!

how to paint grout

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      1. I was skeptical about it, but thrilled with how it has held up. Hope you have a great weekend, Marty! 🙂

    1. This made me laugh. My husband got real picky and made such a big deal about the color of grout we used on our entryway tile. It looks just awful now. Way worse than yours. It’s not a small entry either, I’ve cleaned it a few times and it was hard and took a really, really long time and no time at all to get back to funky looking. I’m going to be getting some of this stuff.

    1. It’s done, well almost. Here’s a small section left that need the grout cleaned. The paint part is easy, its the cleaning part that takes time. But, thank you! I owe it all to you.

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