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10 Stylish Deck Stain Color Ideas and How to Use Them

10 Stylish Deck Stain Color Ideas and How to Use Them

Looking for deck stain ideas that match your unique aesthetic? Below, I am sharing 10 stylish inspiration photos along with the color names and brand of each finish used …

I know it may seem like merely a way to protect raw materials from the elements, but your deck stain color is more than just a means of function – it is actually a major freakin’ design opportunity.

Whether your aesthetic leans more traditional or you have a proclivity for all things bold and modern, it’s important to put a little bit of thought and intention into the hue and finish you commit the rear elevation of your home to.

What do you want your backyard deck to say about you?

Before you strut your fine self down to the local paint store, skim these different deck stain color ideas to get a sense of the vibe they’ll add to your space. 

modern pool deck stained in light brown color

10 Best Deck Stain Colors:

1) Jarrah Brown by Cabot Australian Timber Oil-

back deck stained in Jarrah Brown by Cabot

The red undertones of this semi-solid stain give my deck a rustic yet chic aesthetic that pops against my white house and natural surrounding greenery. Given this particular color can almost appear black in shady conditions, be aware that it is a bit of a chameleon.

Nonetheless, Jarrah Brown works well paired with the exposed brick foundation and brown architectural roof on my 1970’s bungalow.

2) Chocolate Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer by Behr-

pool deck stained in Behr's Chocolate

This semi-transparent stain perfectly complimented the natural wood of my previous home’s pool deck. Using only one coat because the stain was applied to brand-new decking, to my delight, we were able to establish somewhat of a light and airy feel in this private oasis.

Chocolate provides just enough warmth and coverage while also allowing the color grain of the new wood to peep through. When paired with grey and white decorative accents (not to mention the blue hue of the pool), this stain exudes an easy, breezy summertime feel.

3) Padre Brown Solid Color Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer by Behr-

kids playing ping-pong on a wooden deck
The Heathered Nest

Padre Brown is a dark brown solid stain which adds a warm, homey touch to this charming AF deck from The Heathered Nest . The comforting contrast of the deck against the white house and the surrounding foliage is both grounding and inviting.

 4) Dark Oak Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain and Sealant in One by Olympic Maximum-

dark brown stain on a deck with stairs and a pergola
Small Stuff Counts

When you don’t want anything too flashy, Dark Oak will give your deck a classic, polished feel. Pictured here from the Small Stuff Counts, this stain will instantly transform your backyard into a cozy hang spot you won’t ever want to leave.

 5) Blue Label Penetrating Oil in Redwood by Penofin-

deck attached to midcentury modern home
Making Manzanita

Make a statement with this fabulous Redwood stain, pictured here from Making Manzanita.

This rich yet light color is an exciting contrast paired against the neutral grey brick of the exterior, multicolored tiles of the patio, and backyard greenery. With all of the wood grain clearly visible, this deck feels like a modern yet playful accent piece. 

 6) Cedar Naturaltone Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Wood Finish by Behr-

cedar stain on the back deck of a grey home
Hammer and Handsaw

Embrace the adventurous spirit of the outdoors with Cedar Naturaltone stain, pictured here from Hammer and Handsaw. Perfect for woodsy backyards, mountain homes, and anywhere you want to add some rustic warmth, this warm tone invites you in with the feeling of a cozy log cabin.

7) Natural Clear Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Wood Finish-

modern deck stained in light brown against a white exterior
Emily Henderson

Keep it au naturel and let the natural color of your deck shine through with this clear transparent stain, pictured here from the Emily Henderson . When paired with the white wood paneling, mixed material accents, and potted greenery, this warm wood color adds an eclectic, modern feel

8) Woodridge Deckover Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer by Behr-

paint roller applying stain to a deck
Marty’s Musings

If your old, weathered deck needs a total facelift, Deckover by Behr may be just be the type of stain you are looking for. Pictured here from Marty’s Musings, tinted to the color Woodridge, this super thick stain (with a puddy-like consistency) will transform old and weathered wood into a bold backyard statement. This particular red-infused hue adds a playful touch that will instantly liven up your deck space. 

9) Arborcoat Semi-Solid Deck and Siding Stain by Benjamin Moore-

coastal and modern back deck with stairs and metal railing
Kristy Wicks

Looking for a soft and elegant stain that will compliment nearly anything? Pictured here from the Kristy Wicks blog, Arborcoat, is a neutral light grey meets brown hue- perfect for all of you coastal lovers out there. There is something about the richness of this semi-solid finish that adds a sense of elevation to the already gorgeous white modern exterior and handrails. So effin’ classy!

 10) Boot Hill Grey Solid Color Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer by Behr-

grey stain being brushed onto a deck with white railing
Marly Dice

If brown seems too basic, this more contemporary grey stain, Boot Hill Grey pictured above from Marly Dice , will add a sophisticated touch to your outdoor space. When set against traditional white fencing, the dark color evokes a blend of freshness and timelessness and works with a multitude of styles.

deck stained in dark brown behind a white home exterior

Whether you’re sprucing up an old deck or starting a new project, I hope you find a stain color that speaks to you. After all, a fabulous soul like yours deserves nothing less than kick a$$ ambiance while you are soaking up Mother Nature’s gifts.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me today.

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collage of different stained decks

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!



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