Office-Mudroom Progress: “Moffice”

March 7, 2016

dark gray office

This weekend, my husband and I were able to make some progress on the “moffice”, otherwise known as a multi-functional space that serves as a mudroom and office.
dark gray mudroom office

My husband and I are quite the team. When we tackle home improvement projects, we alternate between watching our crazy two year old son and actually executing the given project. So, this weekend I watched our son, while my husband painted the walls in Sherwin Williams “Gray Matters”. By the next day, desperate for a break from “Thomas the Train” and “Bob the Builder”, I opted to paint the doors, trim and baseboards in ultra-white, while my husband watched the kiddo. Yes….I was pretty desperate to relieve myself from mommy duty for a little while (and to distract myself from the box of girl scout cookies I almost devoured by myself) – so desperate that I was willing to paint trim.

This is what the mudroom looked like when we first moved in.


cheap mudroom makeover

And here is what it looks like after a fresh coat of paint, a new light fixture and decor. …


dark gray mud room painted in sherwin williams gray matters

I am super thrilled with the paint color, “Gray Matters”. It was on the same swatch as the main color of our home “Passive”, but it was two shades darker. For some reason, I was just feeling dark gray in this room.

Since we don’t have a linen closet, we were sure to fully utilize the existing shelving.  I love to hide unsightly items in decorative baskets. As you can see, I also use the shelves for the overflow of pillow hoarding.


grey and turquoise office

Our washer and dryer is actually hidden behind this closet, along with loads of unfolded laundry.

dark gray mudroom office

mudroom -office

To aide in the functionality of this space, my sweet husband is going to work on constructing some custom shelving and a storage bench. The area will serve as a “catch all” for shoes and jackets.  Until then, I am counting down the days until I give birth and can enjoy some margaritas.

dark gray office

Source List:

Lucite Chair: Hobby Lobby
Paint: Sherwin Williams “Gray Matters”
Rug- Target
Decorative Baskets- Homegoods
Lamp- Target
Turquoise Vase- Hobby Lobby
Wall Art- Homegoods
Desk:  Upcycled antique
Sheepskin- Homegoods


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    1. I always love your room makeovers Erica!! You are so talented friend! I am counting down the days till i have a margarita myself! Let’s cheers to that!! 😂

      1. haha! Thank you so much, Tessa. I have been craving margs this entire pregnancy. lol too bad we don’t live closer…we should have a post-pregnancy celebration.

    1. Beautiful Erica!!! I love the chair!!!

    1. I have a question, HOW do you get your toddler from touching, destroying and breaking every beautiful item in your home? Mine go nuts and grab everything in sight… kills me 🙁

      1. ummm….on a usual day, my house is a pigsty. I am a clean freak, and having kids definitely tests my patience. I working hard to just let it go, Maria. haha

    1. Beautiful job Erica. It looks too pretty to be a mud room! Mud wo uld be scared to enter here!! Love that art on the desk. It could almost be an original Erica piece!

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