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Introducing My New Blog Series- Soul Hacks

Introducing My New Blog Series- Soul Hacks

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Just as the notion of “holistic” health care has recently shifted the paradigms of physical wellness, lately, I have been pondering the concept of “holistic beauty” as it relates to my work and the general ethos of this website.

Being that I am a seasoned design blogger with a mission of sharing content geared towards creating a “beautiful life”, I am feeling more and more compelled to approach beauty from a more dynamic lens because, let’s face it- a beautiful home, or even a beautiful body, doesn’t mean diddly squat without a well-nourished soul.

As most of us are aware, Western society has become painfully imbalanced- placing too great of an influence on external gratification while completely neglecting  matters of the heart and mind. With this considered,  it is really no wonder our country is facing such an alarming mental health epidemic.

Struggling with depression and occasional suicidal ideation since early adolescence, I could never really afford to keep things at a comfortable, surface level. Yearning to alleviate my suffering, over the past several years, I have been on quite the inward journey.

After years  of devout dedication to meditation, integrative health care, prayer,  breath work, plant medicine and Kundalini yoga, my efforts are finally beginning to  yield some insightful revelations. Some of which, I feel strongly called to share with you.

Not only am I called to share these revelations as a means of hope and inspiration to others, I also hope to contribute to a shift in our society’s overtly-materialistic values. I want to reinforce the prevailing, yet commonly ignored, spiritual wisdom which reminds us that genuine happiness can only be attained from within.

I can’t with a clear conscious be just another somebody conveying the hollow notion that fulfillment is found thru external conditions or achievements.

While there is nothing wrong with pursuing “nice things”, we have got to be more balanced in our approach.

All of this to say, that I am still going to deliver plenty of interior design, DIY and lifestyle content to you each week. After all, I remain convinced that beauty and physical transformation are still a rewarding component of the human experience.  But I also want to provide you with the occasional sprinkle of soul nourishment for good measure.

This monthly series is simply my attempt to start bringing heart and soul back into the equation of what it means to  live a beautiful life.

In this month’s personal revelation, I am highlighting the pit-falls of being a risk-minimizing, control freak and the role it has played in my ongoing battle with depression.

So without further ado, I give you my soul hacking message for this brand-new month of March….

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“The constant need to micromanage life slowly drains the awe and wonder from the human experience- gradually opening the doors for depressive ruts. When your inner control-freak kicks in, shut that b*tch down and remind her all is well. As life has proven to you time and time again, things are always coming together for your greater good. In the end, control is only an illusion…a fruitless waste of energy.” – Designing Vibes

After years of allowing my Type A, inner control freak to run the show, I now realize just how much it has cost me. I now see just how exhausting it has been to stay within the confines of predictability, security and illusory “perfection”.

This need to control all outcomes and minimize any potential risk has created the ruts responsible for many of my depressive seasons.

How much more fun could I be having as a parent, a wife or even as a creative business owner, if I simply eased up on my grip a bit?

So many beautiful opportunities and magical moments wait for us on the other side of uncertainty.

While it is always a good idea to practice common sense and initiative, we must learn the delicate dance of force versus surrender…of fear versus faith.

As life has proven to me time and time again, it is safe to lean back and enjoy the ride.

I hope this message served as a helpful reminder to my fellow control-freaks out there.

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a beautiful life.

PS> If you found this message inspiring or helpful, I would greatly appreciate your support. By sharing this post with a friend or on social media, you are helping my small business reach more readers. Thank you so much! xoxo

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