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5 Modern Takes on the French Tip Nail Design

5 Modern Takes on the French Tip Nail Design

I haven’t always been a fan of nail designs.

Actually.. I used to judge nail art as juvenile and a bit on the tacky side.

That is…until modern minimalist design began to trend.

Inspired by some of my favorite beauty influencers, I realized that this chic aesthetic isn’t just reserved to architecture and home decor. You can also incorporate this modern minimalist trend into your nail design.

Below, are five modern takes on the classic french tip…

1. Put a line on it-

boho chic nail design ideas

In the design above, I used white dip powder for my french tips (I requested the dip powder typically used for a french manicure). I then had my manicurist draw a horizontal line lower on my nails with a white gel polish. Hands down, this has been my favorite nail design. Not only is it neutral with a bit of a boho vibe, given no color backs up to the actual cuticle, I can go longer without having to redo my nails.

2. Add edginess with a pop of black-

In this design by Olive & June, they modernize a demure white tip by adding a pop of edgy black. Given the design is only at the tip ,I can see where this nail art may spare you a few extra days before having to get a fill-in.

french tip nail design with black
via oliveandjune Instagram

3. Only “tip” one nail –

With fall just around the corner, I wanted to play with warmer, earthier colors. Nonetheless, I still wanted a minimalist design. Doing four of my nails in a solid dip color, I added a little interest by only “tipping” one nail. After the dip was applied, my manicurist then drew a vertical line using a white gel polish.

4. Earth tone tips-

neutral modern french tips nails
via kerrymcdd Instagram

Lifestyle influencer, Kerry Anne McDonald, proves that tips can be more than just white. I love the warm earth tones she flaunts- perfect for colder seasons yet still neutral feeling.

5. Get swirly-

modern minimal nails ideas
via lynzimillerbeautydunfermline Instagram

While not technically a french tip, white swirls on a clear coat background are very reminiscent of the classic french manicure- just a bit more modern and playful . Want a bolder look? The swirly trend translates well with all sorts of color palettes.

I hope these few examples have convinced you that nail art doesn’t have to be tacky, but instead a fun way to express your modern, minimalist style.

Thank you so much for stopping by this week!

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life.

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