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Home Feeling Bare Now that the Christmas Decor is Gone? Here are 5 Tips

Home Feeling Bare Now that the Christmas Decor is Gone? Here are 5 Tips

Is your home feeling bare and sterile now that the holiday decor is gone? In today’s post, I am sharing 5 effective decorating tips for combating the winter blahs. 

Cheers to a new freakin’ year, my friends! Surely to God things can only go up from here. 

I hope all of you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. 

This weekend as I was nursing my 2020 hangover, scrolling thru Instagram , I came across a funny meme which served as the impetus for this week’s blog post….


Not only did I find it clever, but I found it super relatable as well. 

As much as I dread the impending stress of the holidays each November- with all of the pressure it entails (decorating, shopping, awkward social engagements, etc.)- I always get a little bummed once the Christmas tree is down and the magical vibes of the festive decor are gone.

Over the years, however,  I have learned some effective decorating hacks for staving off the winter blahs. 

1. Incorporate House Plants

winter home decor ideas

Feel like there is gaping hole where your Christmas tree was once displayed? My favorite way to fill this void is with houseplants. While live trees provide the added bonus of improving your home’s air quality, deceptive faux trees are perfectly acceptable too. You can never go wrong with olive trees, fiddle leaf figs or even smaller plants you can place on an elevated plant stand

2. Implement Additional Lighting Sources

how to decorate after the holidays

If you are missing the warm glow of twinkling, holiday lights, perhaps you should consider adding more light sources throughout your abode. This was certainly the case for me a few years ago.

Captured in the photo above, I was able to illuminate a dark corner of my living room by mounting a plug-in sconce over my built-in bookshelves (there is an electrical outlet concealed behind my curtains).  If you are wanting to avoid the cost of an electrician, this is a great alternative. You could also implement additional table lamps, floor lamps or even  battery-operated cabinetry lighting. 

3. Put Some Bling on it

boho chic wintere home decor

As much as I love earthy, minimalist design, I do have a bit of a boujee side to my aesthetic as well (give me all the shiny Christmas ornaments!). 

If your home is lacking dimension, texture or glitz now that the holiday ornaments are stored away, adding some bling into your styling scheme might just be the perfect solution. And while brass, gold, copper, or chrome may be the first thing that comes to mind when you envision “bling”, mother nature creates some dazzling surfaces as well (think Quartz crystals, Amethyst, Capiz or Mother of Pearl). 

4. Layer on Warm Textiles

how to decorate after christmas

Just because the holidays are behind us doesn’t mean the lux factor, typically associated with Christmas decor, has to go away. 

In fact, with less interesting elements at play now that the festive decor is absent, it is easy to fall into the “sterile” trap (especially for rooms with lots of whites or neutrals) . To avoid this, be sure to layer in cozy elegance with interesting textiles such as fur, fringe, velvet, kilim or chunky knits. 

5. Add Interest with Live Stems or Dried Pampas Grass

how to decorate your home in the winter after christmas

Speaking of interest, live (or dried) stems are my absolute favorite way to not only add a subtle pop of color to a room, but to also infuse sculptural movement/interest to a space. Even better? With Pampas grass and Magnolia stems available to me in my natural surroundings, they are completely free of charge. Don’t have access to forageable nature? Hobby Lobby carries beautiful dried Sand Dollar Eucalyptus (and it smells amazing!) 

If you have been feeling the winter blues since removing your Christmas decor, I hope these tips gave you some hope. 

Stepping into this new year, I am looking forward to getting back at doing what I love most…inspiring, sharing and teaching on this little blog of mine.

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

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how to decorate after christmas

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Thursday 7th of January 2021

Your beautiful home is less than bare with all of your homey touches. I have been thinking about getting a faux ficus or fiddle leaf for our home because I will surely kill a live one!! Thanks for sharing these great styling tips;) And HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR:)

Designing Vibes

Thursday 7th of January 2021

Thank you so much, Maria! I am actually super surprised that my living room fiddle is still alive, but I also have a faux fiddle from World Market in my bedroom that is pretty fabulous. Happy 2021, my friend!