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Glamming Up My Design

Glamming Up My Design

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After I took down my Christmas decorations on New Year’s day, I felt like my home design needed a boost.  Don’t you just hate how dull and bare your home looks after all of the glowing lights and ornaments are gone? On a whim,  I decided to glam up my home.

grey neutral bedroom

My sweet husband installed a new Chandelier in our bedroom where an ugly, old fan used to hang.

grey and blue bedroom

I also bought some plush, silver throw pillows and a matching quilt.


I love how just a few of these simple additions, really provide a more luxurious feel to our room.


Craving a bit more warmth and upscale texture in the living room, I traded my white Ikea curtains for some silk, silver drapes. I also purchased some blue and silver throw pillows. Being comprised of a silk texture and filled with down, the pillows feel much more glam… I especially love how I can give them the designer’s “karate chop”.

living room-26




kitchen January-1

I found these gorgeous mirrored frames at Homegoods and decided I could not live without them, so I found a home for them on the kitchen walls. Love how they give the walls a pop of “bling”.


And last, I traded the Chalkboard for this “rustic glam” abstract canvas.

While a lot of the changes were motivated by my need for glam in the abscence of all the Christmas decor, I also received some very exciting news this weekend…. God willing everything goes as planned, our home is set to be featured in a regional, lifestyle magazine for the Spring edition. Needless to say, I have had a very busy weekend of cleaning and refining my rooms.

I cannot wait to share the feature once it comes out!!! Now, I am going to get back to staging my home for the shoot that is scheduled for tomorrow.

Get out there and design some good vibes!!

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