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Fabulous Rooms with Black Walls

Fabulous Rooms with Black Walls

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In today’s post, I am sharing all of the rooms that have inspired me to paint my living room walls black

I have always been a light and airy kind of girl.

That is…until recently when I began to observe chic and edgy rooms with black walls- executed absolutely impeccably by some of my favorite designers.

In fact, I was so inspired by the rooms I am about to share with you, that as I type this, my living room is being painted in a charcoal/black color (which I cannot wait to share with you once it’s all complete).

While the idea of painting an entire room (not just an accent wall) can sound intimidating and even down right crazy, there is an art to pulling off this ballsy design choice.

And so….I am sharing four different rooms which totally make a case for black walls….

dining room walls painted in black with white linen curtains

This swanky dining room designed by my very favorite decorator, Kristen Forgione of The Lifestyled Co., is the impetus for the dramatic changes I am making to my own home. Not only do all of the wood toned elements come alive against the black backdrop, the linen panels and upholstery soften the space and make this room feel airy (which seems like such a contradiction to say about a black freakin’ room). This space was proof to me that dark walls are not just reserved for man caves, powder rooms and offices.

modern living room with black walls and ceiling

Once again I am going to sound really contrary by saying this about a black room, but this fabulous sitting room designed by Urbanology Designs strikes me as being “fresh” but cozy- simultaneously. I particularly love the way the antique brass chandelier shines against the dark ceiling and walls. The art work seems even more striking against the super dark contrast of the walls than if only a lighter color paint had been used. In fact…everything seems more striking and formal in this incredible space.

charcoal walls in living room

If you don’t have an opportunity to break up all of the black with ample windows or light-colored drapery , you can utilize wall art and light colored furniture like House of Valentina (pictured above) or Chris Loves Julia (photo below).

Greenblack walls in modern family room

The key to selecting art work in a space like this is choosing prints painted on a white or really light-colored medium. Contrasting wall decor is what keeps the black walls from feeling too overwhelming or drab.

Another great way to add liveliness and color to a black room (so that it doesnt feel like a dark abyss) is by infusing it with fresh greenery and house plants.

I hope I have now convinced you that black rooms don’t have to be dull and depressing.

The key to pulling off such an intimidating paint color is to be super mindful about what wall decor and upholstery you select. And of course…plants always bring a space to life.

While black walls are definitely not for the faint of heart, black paint is a surefire and budget-friendly way to instantly elevate your space (at least…when done properly).

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me this week! I cannot wait to reveal my black living room with you once everything is finished!

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

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