How To Add Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

Today, I am giving step-by-step instructions on how to install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen- no electrical work required!

Before purchasing under-cabinet lights, you first need to assess your electrical situation. Is there a power supply near your cabinets?

Step 1

Because I had access to an outlet, I was able to use these plug-in LED bars. If you don't have electric access, you can use battery powered puck lights. Measure under cabinet area to know how much lighting to order.

Step 2

Attach the light strips together with the provided wiring and wire connector.

Step 3

Next, place the strips of adhesive on the back of the lights. Lucky for me, all of this was included with this lighting I purchased.

Step 4

Attach the LED strips to the bottom of the cabinet.

Step 5

Using the provided wire hooks, tuck away the excess drooping of the white wires.

Step 6

Once you have tucked away the slack in your white wires, you will probably need to do the same with the black wire attached to the power cord.

Step 7

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