The Best Types of Wood for Kitchen Countertops

Looking for a cost-effective countertop surface for your kitchen remodel? Wood is a great choice!

Today, I am sharing the 3 most budget-friendly and durable types of wood to use for your counters...

As far as food preparation is considered , unsealed butcher block is the safest and most ideal material for wood counters. The most durable types are oak, hard maple and walnut.

1. Butcher Block-

If affordability is one of your  main concerns , stained/ sealed pine boards are a good choice. For under $50, this is what we used to build these DIY wood countertops for our coffee bar/butler pantry…

2. Pine Boards-

If you don't care about having a countertop safe for direct food prep, these DIY plywood counters were a cheaper alternative to butcher block. 

3. Sanded Birch Plywood-

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