diy Large Wall hanging

for less than $20

Supplies Needed:

– a variety of yarn  – scissors – 3 ft long dowel rod – jute (optional) – gold spray paint (optional)

Cut your yarn double the length you want it to hang.  Then, tie your yarn onto the dowel rod like you would tie a luggage tag onto a suitcase.

step 1

To make it interesting, incorporate 3 different colors of yarn into your wall hanging. I used white, light grey and dark grey. 

step 2

Once I decided that my tapestry was full enough, I decided to cut the jute off of my dowel and hang the rod directly on top of a thick, heavy-duty nail

step 3

 If you want a bit more of a glam vibe, feel free to spray paint your dowel rod gold. Ideally, I would have done this step first. I ended up just brushing the paint on to the visible ends.

step 4

for the full tutorial, visit or swipe below!