How To Update a Kitchen with Brown Granite Countertops

While dated granite countertops can certainly be a buzzkill when it comes to designing your dream kitchen, they aren’t entirely a lost cause.

Today, I'm sharing the best ways to update a kitchen with brown countertops when new countertops are simply not an option.

The key to balancing your kitchen cabinets with your stone countertops is to first identify the primary undertones of your granite. Then, you will need to find a paint color that has a similar undertone.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whichever backsplash material you decide on, try to lean a bit more minimal and modern as this will offset the often busy, dated look of your old granite counters.

Update Your Backsplash

It may seem like such a small detail, but you would truly be amazed at what an impact new pulls and knobs can do for your space!

Replace Dated Hardware and Appliances

Intentional styling with your decor pieces can accomplish all of this.

Style With Intention

You could always try resurfacing your counters DIY-style with granite countertop paint kits conveniently sold at big-box hardware stores across the US.

Resurface or Replace Counters with Affordable Alternatives

Another budget-conscious option is to replace your ugly granite with a more affordable (but more modern and stylish) material like butcher block, DIY black countertops, or even Formica.

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