How To Install Luxury Vinyl Floors

Directly over old tile floors- without the need for demo!

Wanna see how I installed new flooring directly over my old, outdated tile flooring in my kitchen and bathroom?


Today, I am going to show you a simple and budget-friendly way to update your nasty floors!


Supplies Needed:

– utility knife – jigsaw with fine tooth metal blade – measuring tape – speed square – pencil – LVT click and lock flooring (with 8mm thickness)

As long as your existing subfloor is relatively even, you dont have to use quickcrete to create an even surface. We did have 3 tiles that we had to level out before we began the install. 

step 1

After your flooring has acclimated for 48 hours, you can begin install. Moving from left to right,  work in rows to install your click and lock vinyl flooring (literally clicking and sliding grooves into place).

step 2

Using a utility knife, pencil and speed square,  the score and break method is sufficient for most cuts. For more intricate cuts around doors and door trim,  you will need to use a jigsaw.

step 3

Once LVT has been installed, you will want to install shoe molding where your required expansion gap meets the walls and cabinetry.  We also had to cut the height of one of our doors. 

step 4

for the full tutorial and links to the products used, visit or swipe below!