diy Refrigerator Framing

for under $75

Wanna see how I framed this unsightly refrigerator that was actually too large for the opening?



Supplies Needed:

– drill – 3/4” MDF cut to spec – 1 1/2” wood screws – fine tooth circular saw blade – paint that matches the color and finish of your existing, surrounding cabintery

Make sure mdf boards are cut to proper dimensions. 

step 1

Attach side MDF to existing, surrounding  cabinet using wood screws.

step 2

Attach top shelf to existing cabinetry with screws.

step 3

If you have enough room on the other side of your refrigerator, you can attach another mdf sideboard to the top mdf piece (unfortunately, my refrigerator was too large for the opening)

step 4

Instead of another mdf board, I mounted a paper roll to somewhat cover the other side of the fridge. Be sure to paint your mdf pieces the same color as the surrounding cabinetry!

step 5

for the full tutorial, visit or swipe below!