How To Decorate Your Bathroom with Towels

Towels are a super practical and affordable way to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom decor scheme.

Today, I am sharing the best ways to display and decorate with them.

They one of my favorite ways to add pattern and organic texture into a bathroom that might otherwise read as stark and sterile

Turkish Bath Towels on Wall Hooks

Thanks to the practicality of both wall mounted towel hooks and Turkish towels, the days of strictly decorative towels are totally a thing of the past.

Hand Towels That are Pretty and Practical

I love how Anita Yokota thought outside of the box- using a decorative ladder as a stylish yet functional towel display in her gorgeous primary bath.

Bath Towels Displayed on a Decorative Ladder

I freakin’ love how this unique use of furniture gives this already incredible space such a custom feel.

Elevated Towel Storage with a Hutch

There is nothing like fresh towels- neatly folded and on display- to give your home bathroom major spa vibes.

Floating Wood Shelves for a Spa-Like Feel

Stacking two towel bars not only allows for more towel storage, it also creates more visual impact as well.

Bathroom Towels as a Focal Point

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