How To decorate with bathroom towels

Stylish ideas for displaying, storing and decorating with towels!

Towels are a cheap way to add luxury to your bathroom decor scheme. Today, I am sharing the best ways to display and decorate with them…

Turkish towels are one of my favorite ways to add pattern and organic texture into a bathroom that might otherwise read as stark and sterile.

Turkish Bath Towels on Wall Hooks-

What I love about hooks versus a traditional towel bar is that you can casually drape your hand towels, instead of having to obsess over a perfectly folded edge every time you dry your damn hands.

Hooks for Hand Towels-

I love how Anita Yokota thought outside of the box- using a decorative ladder as a stylish yet functional towel display in her gorgeous primary bath.

Bath Towels Displayed on a Ladder-

If you don’t happen to have a dedicated linen closet to store towels and wash cloths, take a note from The Lifestyled Co. and use a display hutch for stylish storage instead.

Elevated Towel Storage with a Hutch-

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