How to decorate a Flocked Christmas tree

In just a few easy steps...

Today, I am revealing my first-ever, flocked Christmas tree and showing you how to replicate the look in just a few simple steps.

Before you begin decorating your tree, you want to start with a beautiful foundation- a quality flocked tree. To purchase the same tree I used (which I love) be sure to swipe up below for the link!

Finding the best flocked tree-

To warm up all of the wintery white on your flocked tree, incorporate natural elements like pampas stems, pine cones or dried palm stems. 

Natural Elements First-

Now that you have your natural, earthy layer, it's time to add all of your bling! I used gold, silver and champagne-toned baubles for this part. 

Bling it Up! -

Of course no modern glam tree is complete without a fabulous tree collar. I used a black basket weave variety here. 

Woven Tree Collar-

To shop this look and see more flocked tree  ideas visit or swipe below!