How To: care for an inflatable hot tub

Beginner's guide to owning a hot tub. 

If you've been considering an inflatable hot tub, but weren't sure how much work it is to care for one, today I am going to show you just how simple it is....

Supplies Needed: – Bromine – Spa filter  – Clarifier – Spa Chemical test strips

Keep your hot tub water sanitized by adding bromine into the bromine dispenser which came with the spa. Bromine is superior to chlorine in high temperatures. 

step 1

It is important to inspect your filter weekly. While inspecting it,  you will want to go ahead and clean your filter by rinsing it thoroughly with a garden hose.

step 2

A spa clarifier will be needed when the water starts to look murky. This is what will keep your water looking clear and blue. 

Step 3

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