DIY trash can pull-out drawer

The easiest way to convert a standard cabinet into custom garbage storage!

Wanna see how  I turned a plain kitchen cabinet into a custom trash drawer?


I was able to properly hide my unsightly trash can without any carpentry skills !


Tools Needed:

– waste container pull out kit  – (optional) cabinet door mount kit  – drill – pliers – clamps

Before ordering the pull out kit, you need to measure your cabinet and make sure the dimensions will work with the dimensions of the kit. Here is our kit assembled. 

step 1

If you want a custom- built trash “pull out” effect where the cabinet door functions instead like a drawer, unscrew and remove cabinet door from the original hinges and from the cabinet face.

step 2

Secure the assembled product to the base of the cabinet using the four wood screws provided. Now, install the bracket kit to the door.

step 3

Use clamps to hold cabinet door to brackets while you use provided screws to secure cabinet door to brackets.

step 4

for the full tutorial and links to the products used, visit or swipe below!