How to make a painted door look like wood

with this gel stain hack!

See how I made a once red, painted door look like stained wood for under $50!


Supplies Needed:

– cleaning rag – paint roller – paint brush – flat paint – gel stain – paint brushes – wood protectant

With a damp rag, clean front doors and allow to dry. Remove door hardware and apply painter’s tape where needed.

step 1

Apply one coat of exterior  flat paint . This particular color will mimic the color of unfinished wood for proper undertones once the actual gel stain is applied.

step 2

Once exterior flat paint has dried, you can now apply your first coat of gel stain. Swipe up below to see which gel stain I used. 

step 3

After applying one coat of stain, it will need to completely dry before applying a second coat.

step 4

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